Sam the eagle as captain America. I mean it's very on the nose but still

Lew Zealand as whoever Idris Elba played. You know, with the helmet

Rizzo the rat as the bow and arrow guy. (I don't remember what he's called. I don't care either. It's dumb that there's a guy who just shoots a bow real good )

That still leaves black widow, scarlet witch, shuri, okoye, gamora, nebula and the lady with antennae but the only girl Muppets are piggy, Janice and nothing so

@Taweret Okay this one's a little weird but hear me out

The Swedish Chef as Doctor Strange

@Taweret @witchfynder_finder I'm torn between animal being a character, or having the electric mayhem play a song and he stays on drums

There's also Annie Sue (Piggy's Understudy)

Miss Mousy, Kermit's pre-Piggy romantic interest.

Wanda, half of the always-disastrous Wayne and Wanda duo.

Camilla the Chicken

And that little girl who I always get mixed up with Prairie Dawn from Sesame but isn't her.

@Taweret IIRC, It's been implied a couple of times that Gonzo's species might be genderless, but they sure don't write him that way.


I think the most recent Muppets TV series added a bunch more named female characters, but they don't count because nobody actually watched that show.

@apLundell @Taweret Muppets Tonight? I watched it, though it certainly wasn't as memorable as the original series.

With the exception of the Istanbul (not Constantinople) sketch

@FiXato @Taweret

Muppets Tonight was good. Not as fantastic as the old Henson stuff, but still good.

I was speaking of the 2015 Muppet series. Nobody watched that.


Then I think maybe Netflix has saved you from a terrible fate!

@apLundell seeing Piggy whack or take advantage of Kermit does make me wonder though, why series like the Muppets, and comics like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, keep romanticising/jokefying bad, abusive relationships such as Miss Piggy/Kermit, Donald/Daisy/Gladstone and Mickey/Minnie.

@FiXato I haven't watched it, but my understanding is that the first story arc of the 2015 series is a break-up between Kermit and Piggy.

So maybe they hash that out.

Or maybe Piggy wins him back by sending his new girlfriend to the hospital.

I couldn't say.

oh, yes, now I remember watching the first episode, and it was indeed trash....

@Taweret Well, Robin (Kermit's nephew) has to be Spider-Man.

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