You can't tell but Wotan is thumping the table with his tail right now because he is not in the mood to have his picture taken


whaaaaa?!?! this is a thing?!? Wotan doesn't *always* want his picture taken?!?

@malevolent_usb_drive he's unhappy right now because I wouldn't put more water in one of his THREE water dishes all of which already have water in them



do you just give him more water as needed or...?

for Doris I only have one water dish but I just empty out the old water and refill it every morning

@malevolent_usb_drive they get emptied and refilled daily but the cats like them to kept full but like, no. There are two of you and three bowls. You're fine.


yeah between the two of them it makes sense but still lmao Wotan you're being a brat

@Taweret He’s such a gloriously good-looking cat. Would be a shame not to take a picture!

@Taweret I am in constant awe of your cat, Wotan is so handsome

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