Deanna Troi is such a messy eater. Leaving Betazoid snack crumbs everywhere for Starfleet Custodian Engineers to clean up.


hey my nickname is from 94, we are nick name age almost kinda, whats a few years, twins.

@violet pretty sure the ship cleaning itself is just propaganda used by Starfleet recruiters

@Taweret @violet in the middle of a red alert and the roomba comes out and starts bumping into people's feet

@Taweret dude's also responsible for cleaning the only bathroom on the ship

@extinct pretty sure they all just go on the transporter pad and have O'Brien beam it into space


I'd hate to use that bathroom after @Worf , especially after he gobbled up a plate of #gagh, downed a cask of #Klingon #bloodwine and chased it down with a pint of prune juice.

@Taweret @extinct I can’t believe Star Trek handles people going to the bathroom the same way they do in Harry Potter (doing their business wherever whenever then magically making it vanish) 😧

@NormalPopsicle @Taweret @extinct i've been thinking this joke for two straight days and i couldn't hold it in anymore

... much like starfleet and wizards don't hold anything in, apparently

@Taweret 24th century post scarcity society and they still can't scare up a Roomba? :blobcheeky:


Star Trek would have been more radical if they had actually shown people doing the cleaning/maintenence jobs and shown them being respected as valuable members of the crew instead of pretending that all menial labor had been automated away and everyone is a professional with an advanced degree.

@ActNebbish @Taweret that reminds me of a great series of comedy articles about service workers in various sci fi settings


Interessant das Interieur kommt mir unterschwellig bekannt vor. Aber durch Bildbeschreibung gibt es Aufklärung. Star Trek TNG

I’m glad you’re bringing us answers to the very important questions of our time!

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