@Taweret Aren't those the fake bricks that are nothing but worthless gold?


in my dad's slow progress in DS9 (he doesn't binge watch), he just saw the first Ferengi episode, the one where the Grand Nagus is introduced, and he loved it, this is faring well for his enjoyment of the series

@malevolent_usb_drive given that they're the comic relief race, they get a ridiculous amount of development and depth. the ferengi as a whole have an arc throughout the series, each of the main ones we know have arcs within that arc that tie into it thematically.
Rom is the comic relief's sidekick ffs and he gets more depth and development and fleshing out and just thought put into him than any character on voyager or ent ever gets


smh it's such a shame how DS9 was a victim of.... *good writing*

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