10 days away from gritty time to smash the calendar system

@Taweret Your missing a Wound Cube, Ümlauts and ..whatever the fuck bullshit people were going on about Pulp today.

@Taweret I think everyone should just forget about the wound cube. Let's just move on.

@Taweret on the cusp of Garfield/ALF. Honestly, what else could an Eighties kid aspire to?

@Taweret Interesting. I am CatPics despite not having a cat. However, I notice said cat is Wotan and must thus conclude this is the best possible sign to be.

@ItsJenNotGabby @Taweret I also can't stand Mondays, and would like to sleep all day... maybe I am a Garfield 🤔

@Taweret *stares at hands* I’ve always been hornt slime...

Wow how am I hornt when I have never once been horny-on-main. I want a refund

@Taweret great, now everyone knows i'm the real Garfield. bring lasagan. Monmbdaey*}/

LB: I don't want to be ALF and I also have none of those attributes!

well i am very ds9, and mere days away from horny

checks out

@Taweret I’m a Garfield?! This is unexpected and yet it feels right.

@Taweret ngl, this is a ~very~ leo picture of big tiddy alf, so i approve of this zodiac

also i'm down with being a DS9 sun, gritty moon, garfield rising :discourse:

ur girl is brutalism on the masto zodiac which should come as no surprise tbh

@Taweret oh my god, this is amazing. something feels way too right about Gritty being my sign

@Taweret Nooo I literally muted 'vape' I was so sick of vape ape. Turns out I was sick of myself all along.

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