It's past time cloaks came back into fashion

@Taweret At my home Convention this year during setup this really nice lady came up to some of us announcing she was "The Cloak Lady" and wasn't sure if she was in the right spot. She sold cloaks at Ren Faire but wasn't sure there was general nerd interest in cloaks. Then she proceeded to tell us how she drew inspiration from Game of Thrones and Dragon riders of Pern, and I just about stopped her right there that she was in the right place.

@Taweret The Cloak Lady used real leather, fur, and semi-precious stones. She was also best known for her hand embroidered Celtic-style knotwork.

Needless to say her works haunted my budget decisions that weekend and while I didn't make a purchase, I'm contemplating what I need to save to make it happen eventually.

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