Wotan lying against his food puzzle. He's somehow comfortable like this

@Taweret ugh, I just want to cuddle Wotan! Kitty genius!

@Taweret I need to get one of those puzzle tray things... I've got a treat ball for Nar, and he loves it, but Raziel (being, like, six months old) still has yet to figure out any food delivery system more complicated than an open-top egg carton. I have a cardboard treat maze, but Razi can only get food out of the "easy" part and then squeaks piteously until Nar empties the treat ball and starts flipping the maze over repeatedly to empty it of treats. XD

@troodon yeah my other cat Siegfried doesn't like puzzles at all. He CAN do them. He just doesn't feel three should have to. Wotan only wants to eat from puzzles

passed pet mention 

@Taweret our previous cat, Pooka, (RIP) was a semi-feral rescue, and he had *zero interest* in food puzzles. he'd just sit there and look at it grumpily until Nar got some out, then he'd shove Nar aside and eat the food and wait for another handout. XD when I gave Nar kibbles and treats in the ball I'd give Pooka his kibbles and treats in a flat box in his usual feeding place, a closet on the other end of the apartment, so they could each get their own food!

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