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Unsolicited dms when i don't even know you? That's a blockin'

Following when you've got no toots and no avatar and your bio only talks about # linux? That's a blockin'

Any mention of bitcoin in your profile? That's a blockin'

Having a pepe fucking anywhere? Oh you better believe that's a blockin'

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Eddington is a lot like the Silence in that whenever I'm not looking directly at him i tend to completely forget that he exists

Me: no cats on the table!
Angus: *does this*
Me: ok just a little cats on the table

where to start looking into ufos 

@Taweret The Black Vault.

Every last document is FoIA'd.

don’t EVER let someone tell you “that’s too much garlic.” you live your best fucking life babe.

new season of rick and morty is kinda weak so far tbh

where to start looking into ufos 

so you want to know about the ufos but you don't know where to start

i would recommend starting with the Nimitz encounters (aka The Tic Tac ufo) because there's a lot there and it's fascinating:

the Nimitz encounters:

interview with Chad Underwood, the pilot who actually filmed the Tic Tac:

then there's the GIMBAL, the ufo that you see rotating in the navy vid:

and also:

other videos to check out:

the WaPo interview with Lue Elizondo the guy who ran the Pentagon's ufo investigation program, AATIP

really good interview with Chris Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence who has been the driving force behind the recent push to make ufo information public

article by Chris Mellon

fascinating interview with Lue Elizondo

more on the Nimitz:


the cool thing about Kevin smith's the last Jedi is that the transformation scenes draw heavy heavy tokuatsu influence, like man's needs to shout henshin beforehand, imo

Loki, you wanted to leave the room, now you are out of the room. that was two minutes ago. Hush

why do people who do thinks like follow Less than 100 people and manually turn off boosts for everyone say they 1) experience this website and more importantly 2)hot take on the community as if they at all know anything

“Yeah and then Arnold Schwarzenegger goes to the bar and kicks Bill’s ass and takes his stupid precious motorcycle.”

“Who is Bill?”


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fuck 👏 trevor 👏 bauer 👏

so what im understanding is that our knowledge of greek philosophy comes from the fanfiction greek philosophers wrote about other greek philosophers

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