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I'm in a real dungeon-crawly mood. I wanna get some peeps and slap down some stats and run through a maze and solve some puzzles and roll some reflex saves and beat up some monsters that I don't have to ethically worry about.

The purpose of the economy, as a machine, is to ensure prosperity for its participants. If a policy like forgiving debt, higher min wage, UBI, etc, accomplishes this goal, then it is economically sound, even if the Dow grows more slowly as a result.

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Yes, the car is a tool that we designed to go fast, but only as a means to the end of delivering its occupants safely to a destination. To prioritize speed (or growth) in any direction over that goal is to advocate for an inevitable crash.

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Advocating for keeping people poor/suffering for the sake of the economy is like advocating for taking a car off of a cliff because that'll make it go faster.

I always feel unproductive when I've been working for days but haven't *posted* any of it, like I'm not justifying myself and my existence to the Internet. Maybe I should be reposting the hits?

Today's a Writing Wednesday, but I might also take some time to bang out a for-funsies pic, just so I can put up a glossy jpeg of some sort.

I have decided that this fox-tiger hybrid's name is Jack Beryl, and they use they/them pronouns.

Hey, I just did another one of these!
An interactive dressup doll of Jakob Pettersohn (from for TapeWolf. Yes, you can commission me to make these for your OC, just ask!

Hey, I made a thing! I decided that I don't do enough fanart for my spouse Mebs, so I made a dressup doll for Abel! Check it out!

(Yes, by the way, this is a thing you can commission me to do for your OC as well! I already did Ellen from Leftover Soup, Bellina Nyteshade, and one for Strype)

Hey, it's a new month! Commission themes changed over!
You could get your artwork for as little as $30USD if it features:
-Zoa 🤖💋
-Dinosaurs 🦕🦖
-Mazes 🧵👨🏽‍🦱
-Baked Goods 🍞🍪🎂🧁🥧🥖🥐

These are some comic covers I did for the Gotham Union RP group! (From L to R on the first one - Valentine (Faye's assistant), the Fabulous Faye, Frogger, Sly Fox, and March Hare).
Want some art for your own RP group? I'm always open for new commissions!

Heads up, I'm going to be streaming a homebrew Sherlock Holmes RP session on Saturday March 5th, starting at 6pm Eastern! It'll be on, and even if you can't catch the adventure live, it'll be recorded so you can check it out later!

Some more D&D art. Aphro Smite (Aggie for short) dealing with a giant spider issue.

Want to commemorate your party's epic deeds? My rates are reasonable and my commissions are always open!

Sometimes a D&D party is just a couple of chaotic-neutral murder hobos, and that's okay. Asteroth the human wizard and Manson the tasloi, for JJ.

A little fanart for Evil Inc ( ) Miss Match and Desdemona are (c) Brad Guigar.

Y'know what a great type of commission is? Getting me to draw something that happened in your RPG! (This is Tiffany Ankoh, the tiefling sorceror, and Grunnhild Redmane, the dwarven barbarian, done for MedievalCow).

I hate making money.
What I *love* is making comics. I love writing and drawing and making for people. I also love eating food and having a roof over my head and providing for my loved ones.
The whole money thing in between, that's the part that sucks ass.

It's the 12th and final Isekai triptych in the series! This has been an interesting project for 2021, and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. As always, full res printable files are available to all patrons over at

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