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A little fanart for Evil Inc ( ) Miss Match and Desdemona are (c) Brad Guigar.

Y'know what a great type of commission is? Getting me to draw something that happened in your RPG! (This is Tiffany Ankoh, the tiefling sorceror, and Grunnhild Redmane, the dwarven barbarian, done for MedievalCow).

I hate making money.
What I *love* is making comics. I love writing and drawing and making for people. I also love eating food and having a roof over my head and providing for my loved ones.
The whole money thing in between, that's the part that sucks ass.

It's the 12th and final Isekai triptych in the series! This has been an interesting project for 2021, and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. As always, full res printable files are available to all patrons over at

Just posted #11 in the Isekai Triptych series. As always, high-res versions are available to all my patrons!

It's live!

The Bellina dressup doll is now available... sorta.
You may notice it doesn't have very many items in it yet... additional items can be revealed by donating at - each $3 ko-fi = one new item!

(Note - some items may start as locked, and can only be unlocked by assembling co-ordinated outfits.... and you might not have all the items you need to make those outfits yet!)

Sometimes you don't need to go anywhere to go to a new world. Sometimes, you just need a different perspective...

As always, high res and printable versions of this triptych are available on my Patreon to all subscribers!

Honestly, Star Trek is fucking up by only making grand sweeping Federation space battle sims and not a Leisure-Suit-Larry-style point'n'click where you play as a Ferengi falling into misadventure after misadventure on his quest for latinum and feeeemales.

My spouse is going to be running a Pathfinder game soon, so you know I had to draw my character. He's a tiefling druid named Ovis Macevil (pronounced MACK-uh-vill), and he's never met a problem a good headbutt didn't solve.

This is #9 in the series - just three more to go! As before, all high res and printable versions of this image are available to all patrons over at

Middle Earth is in New Zealand, Mad Max is in Australia, therefore...

The Isekai triptych for August! As always, full-res and blank-background versions will be available on my Patreon.

Billionaire: Okay, what can we do to help climate change?
analyst: Eat more red meat, smoke more tobacco, take up skydiving...
Billionaire: ...b-but if everyone eats more beef, smokes, and flies in planes, won't all of that generate more CO2?
analyst: I didn't say "everyone".

Did this on stream for yumihitoru yesterday. It's her Princess Parasaurolophus in a Star Trek uniform (DS9/Voyager era)!
Man, that dino gets around, huh?

Did this on stream for yumihitoru yesterday. It's her Princess Parasaurolophus as Kaguya-hime, from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter! (
I'm really happy with the lighting on this one.

Hey, ko-fi added tiers! Looks like a serious competitor to Patreon is in town.
I went ahead and copied over all the same tiers from Patreon, so if you ever wanted to support me but don't like Big P for some reason, now there's an alternative!

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