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This event is T O D A Y !
Starting at 7pm Eastern, (assuming you're over 18) pop into and witness as these four brave adventurers explore a mysterious dimension of enthusiastically consenting adults in sexual scenarios!

Got the fourth Isekai triptych set done! As before, the printable res versions of these will be available on I'm really looking forward to the end of the year, when I'll have the full set of 12 of these!

If I write fiction where Theseus and the minotaur fall in love
And then someone else takes my fic, swaps out the labyrinth for a coffeeshop setting
And then someone swaps the minotaur for another monster
And then someone swaps Theseus for another hero
Is it still the same ship?

This is Faraday, a dragonborn sorceress with a thing for flowers. I love drawing people's RP characters, have I mentioned that?

I have a lot of art and whatnot that I need to do, but it's important that I also do art for me.
I felt like drawing Sam. Here's Sam!

The third in my isekai triptych series. Printable high res files will be available to all patrons (

The second in my isekai triptych series. Printable high res files will be available to all patrons (

I wish my body didn't lie to me.
I wish feeling hungry meant that I need to eat, and that eating would make me stop feeling hungry.
I wish feeling tired meant that I need to sleep, and that sleep would make me stop feeling tired.
I wish exercise felt right and made me healthier.

If filtering my social media, blocking people to whom I'm ideologically opposed, and only reading news sources I trust is putting me in a "bubble" that insulates me from challenging views, why is it that I see horseshit that pisses me off approximately 8-10 times a day?

This is the first in what will hopefully be a 12-part series (one per month for 2021). These isekai triptychs are going to show a "normal" person arriving in a new world of some sort, adapting to that world, and then achieving and succeeding. I think that's the message of hope and growth we all need, this year. Printable high res files will be available on my Patreon to all patrons (

If someone had a WW[your initials]D? bracelet, what would it inspire them to do?

The problem with social interaction online is that it is, necessarily, communication. One cannot simply be in the same space as another person, as we are in the flesh - no, in order to be together over the Internet, we must be communicating, and communicating constantly.

A D&D campaign where you start at Fine size (3-5" tall) in a teeny village where everyone strenuously avoids all experience. When your party inadvertently slays a monster, you all get to second level... and go up a size category. Now you're Diminutive (2x as tall, 8x as heavy), and are exiled from the village. You must travel the world for a cure that will shrink you back to normal, but every time you gain a level, you also double your dimensions.

It's A Small World After All.

(L to R: Setta Flamowitz(
), Kiesha Greenscale(
), MRL(
), Paige (
), Slam(
), Saldura Holbock(
), John Brown(
), Darsi(
) & Sascha Buell(

Imagine that there's a popular brand of cherry bubblegum. There's nothing harmful in the formula, it's a perfectly normal candy treat, the company behaves ethically.
For some reason, you run the numbers, and this brand of gum very strongly correlates with suicide and self-harm.
There's no explanation why - the gum is not addictive or psychoactive, there's nothing in the advertising or marketing that would incite people to hurt themselves... nevertheless, the stats are clear.
What do you do?

Had a big hunk of rosemary-infused ham and an elderly eggplant, so I decided to shuffle'em like cards, surround them with couscous, cover them with a crushed mix of fresh tomatoes, rosemary, and garlic, and toss it in the oven.
🐷 🍆 🍅 🌿 😋

Yes, I do occasionally do commissions that aren’t porn. This is Gwent, Sorcyress’ D&D character. She dyes fabric!

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