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), MRL(
), Paige (
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), Saldura Holbock(
), John Brown(
), Darsi(
) & Sascha Buell(

Imagine that there's a popular brand of cherry bubblegum. There's nothing harmful in the formula, it's a perfectly normal candy treat, the company behaves ethically.
For some reason, you run the numbers, and this brand of gum very strongly correlates with suicide and self-harm.
There's no explanation why - the gum is not addictive or psychoactive, there's nothing in the advertising or marketing that would incite people to hurt themselves... nevertheless, the stats are clear.
What do you do?

Had a big hunk of rosemary-infused ham and an elderly eggplant, so I decided to shuffle'em like cards, surround them with couscous, cover them with a crushed mix of fresh tomatoes, rosemary, and garlic, and toss it in the oven.
🐷 🍆 🍅 🌿 😋

Yes, I do occasionally do commissions that aren’t porn. This is Gwent, Sorcyress’ D&D character. She dyes fabric!

Oh, Piers Anthony, purveyor of puns, perverter of pubescents, perennial problematic fave, how I yearn to follow in your footsteps as a prolific sexy fantasy writer and, simultaneously, how I strive to not be anything at all like you.

Heads up, I will be running a one-shot tabletop game on my Picarto channel on Friday July 3rd, around 7pm Eastern. We will drop links to donate to and associated causes, but the game itself will be about a circus troupe that can tie into the last fading vestiges of the world's magic as they travel around 1930's America, putting on shows, dealing with The Great Depression... and possibly dealing with the few monsters who also remain. Hope to see you there!

So hey, I have a Pillowfort now!

....hopefully I remember to cross-post stuff there more than I do here.....

Hey, Patreon patrons! I just made a new boardgame and posted it in printable pdf form, just for you! It's called SHWOOP!
Available in both colour and B&W. Enjoy!

Many people turn to pornography to indulge their most forbidden fantasies. Lounging around outside, dressing up, being in a room with more than five people...

Women still make less than men.
Women are a minority in the trades, STEM fields, and leadership positions.
Women are disproportionately the targets of abuse and violence.
Women are subject to harsher social pressures.
Happy . There's still work to do.

Recently read through the archives of Up To Four Players:
I am absolutely recommending this comic. The art is stellar, the roleplaying mechanics are clear, the worldbuilding is fantastic... anyone who's into fantasy tabletop RP should read this!

It's finally ready!
Brothel, my NSFW card game, is available for purchase at
Those of you who support me on Patreon (for as little as $1/month!) can download a printable PDF version at
And if you want to read a 12 page NSFW comic with my characters playing the game, so you can see how it works, it's over here:

Idea: a Top-Gear-style car talk show about giant anime mecha.

And, of course, the final fanart is for DMFA!
My beloved spouse has been drawing this sucker as long as I've known her. It is good!

The penultimate , this is Louella Chand, one of 's characters.
Kev does a lot of great art! You can check out her FA here: and get various benefits for supporting her here:

Another fanart for a friend of mine: this is
She does a lot of different things, but right now her main thing is a maid café tycoon game she's making, you can support her at

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