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Today's fanart is for Full Frontal Nerdity, by
There are, of course, a wide variety of comics under the label, but I've got a soft spot for tabletop RP jokes.

Continuing fanart , day 12 is Oh Joy Sex Toy! is more than sex toy reviews,
and take their readers on a tour of all things related to boning, with plenty of guest comics from different perspectives!

Been growing out the 'chops lately. Not gonna lie, it's more about shaving laziness than anything related to my appearance.

Fanart day 10!
This is a NSFW one, folks. The furry webcomic Shayla the Pink Mouse was big for me back in the day, and Shane Nelson ( is still putting out tons of comics and porn today.

Fanart day 9!
Yes, it's, by
. If you prefer your transhumanist scifi with more explosions, you really should be reading it!

Fanart day 7! (repost for corrected info)
This is Ryunee, 's dragon character. She's a weed deliveryperson!

Fanart day 8
Yes, it's Vanessa from, by

I know you probably all already read S*P, but I'm doing fanart for it anyway.

Fanart day 6!
Not all webcomics, folks - today's fanart is of, a musical D&D podcast!
Join three bards on their educational adventures - you always get at least one song per episode!

Fanart day 5!
It's Spying With Lana (, by
Quick adult content warning on this one, folks - Lana's spycraft is action-packed and funny, but she primarily relies on her... shall we say... charisma to complete her missions.

Fanart day 4... The Whiteboard!
Yes, it's a furry webcomic about paintball in Alaska. Trust me, you should check it out!

It's fanart day 3!
Today's entry is Bayley and Clarissa from Seth Triggs' Tales of Chakona.
Seth is great, and you should read his stuff at or

Fanart day 2: Freefall!
Freefall is truly a titan of webcomics. It's been around since 1998, and has, as far as I know, updated thrice weekly the whole damn time. If you've got a month to kill, go ahead and check out the archives!

Hey, it's a fanart !
Day 1 - it's Sydney "Halo" Scoville, from Grrl Power!
That would be, updates Mondays and Thursdays, by Dave Barrack (

It's got superheroes and aliems and cheesecake and beefcake and you should read it!

I'm gonna do the randomly-generated erotica thing at the tail end of tomorrow's stream, the final hour of 11am-11pm Eastern.

I got a little tipsy tonight and wrote some randomly generated erotica. You can read it here: or maybe here:

The problem with the idea of doing an all-fanart Inktober is now I'm not sure if I actually like 31 things.

I'm considering what I should do for Inktober. Last year's was pretty well-received, I think.

"They say you can see the future."
"You got two words wrong with that sentence: I don't SEE, I remember, I was there. And it's not THE future, it's A future. My presence here has already fucked the timeline. Kennedy should have been shot in the head by now."
"Regardless, I want to know everything you know about the Soviets and their strategies."
"Yeah? Well I want a taro bubble tea and a smartphone full of hentai, I recommend you get used to disappointment."

Recently got my professionally-printed deck of cards for my sexy party game Brothel. Gonna do the first test run on Friday!

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