Recently got my professionally-printed deck of cards for my sexy party game Brothel. Gonna do the first test run on Friday!

My 24,694 word novella, What The Left Hand Is Doing, is available to read!
Full thing:
Allison Kathryn "Allykat" Jones is a sex worker who does private eye-themed erotic roleplay, and she gets caught up in an actual mystery. The story is a lot of fun and I'm really proud of it!

"What the hell was THAT?"
"It would appear that prybar is the modern incarnation of Excalibur. Drawing it granted you the abilities of King Arthur, which, in turn, allowed you to summon the abilities of Britain's greatest heroes for each of us. Hour of greatest need and all that."
" do you figure?"
"Seemed like a fairly elementary deduction..."

If something is only valuable because other people don't also have it, it isn't actually valuable.

It's done!

My Scrabble tile based roleplaying game, Wordcast, is tested and tweaked and ready to go. I've included an adventure module, Hexavius and the Tower of Absolute Bull$#!%. It's a lot of fun!

Okay, I whipped up the Scrabble-tile-tabletop-RPG as a single-page PDF and posted it on . If anyone actually plays it, let me know!

There are two sorts of rebels.
"Hey, the Man is doing a bad thing that hurts people and I can't stop them via accepted channels, so fuck the Man.", and "Hey, the Man is telling me what to do and I don't like it, so fuck the Man."
The former is a hero. The latter is an asshole.

Just three weeks to go! March first is Sexy Self Comics Day - this will be the seventh year! To see past years' submissions (and check out the details of the event) just head on over to .

Value is not created by hard work, nor is it determined by competition or market value.
You neither worked nor paid for the air you're breathing.

Just a little warmup art for myself. It's important to do art for yourself.

I just keep thinking about my modern-day gender-flipped Dracula story idea.

Fuck, I can't stop thinking about how I'd script a modern-day, gender-flipped retelling of Dracula. Homeless catlady Miss Renfield is particularly haunting.

Y'know, there are plenty of genderbent vampires, but you never really see a proper male version of Dracula's vampire brides. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if I could draw a female Dracula with thrall consorts and capture the same sort of energy.

I've often thought of vampirism as the result of an improperly worded curse - a programming error, if you will.
If you want to curse someone's whole family, for example, say "I curse you and your sons", don't get poetic and say "I curse you and all who share your blood". If you want someone to suffer and die, be sure to specify that it should be in that order.

Imagine a world where superpowers are conferred via Lamarckian evolution. If one or more of your parents are in a desperate scenario where a specific metahuman power would come in handy, and they survive regardless and later have a kid, the kid is born with that power.

mfw I'm running through a sexy scenario in my head and get to a bit that would make an interesting porn pic.

Did some commissions today, figured I should cross-post'em here as well as Twitter.

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