Honestly, Star Trek is fucking up by only making grand sweeping Federation space battle sims and not a Leisure-Suit-Larry-style point'n'click where you play as a Ferengi falling into misadventure after misadventure on his quest for latinum and feeeemales.

My spouse is going to be running a Pathfinder game soon, so you know I had to draw my character. He's a tiefling druid named Ovis Macevil (pronounced MACK-uh-vill), and he's never met a problem a good headbutt didn't solve.

This is #9 in the series - just three more to go! As before, all high res and printable versions of this image are available to all patrons over at patreon.com/tailsteak

Middle Earth is in New Zealand, Mad Max is in Australia, therefore...

The Isekai triptych for August! As always, full-res and blank-background versions will be available on my Patreon.

Billionaire: Okay, what can we do to help climate change?
analyst: Eat more red meat, smoke more tobacco, take up skydiving...
Billionaire: ...b-but if everyone eats more beef, smokes, and flies in planes, won't all of that generate more CO2?
analyst: I didn't say "everyone".

Did this on stream for yumihitoru yesterday. It's her Princess Parasaurolophus in a Star Trek uniform (DS9/Voyager era)!
Man, that dino gets around, huh?

Did this on stream for yumihitoru yesterday. It's her Princess Parasaurolophus as Kaguya-hime, from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter! (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tale)
I'm really happy with the lighting on this one.

Hey, ko-fi added tiers! Looks like a serious competitor to Patreon is in town.
I went ahead and copied over all the same tiers from Patreon, so if you ever wanted to support me but don't like Big P for some reason, now there's an alternative!

#7 in the Isekai triptych series. All high-res versions of this image are available on patreon.com/tailsteak!

"That brick is an illusion."
"What? Which brick?"
"There, the red one."
"They're all red."
"I'll have to take your word for it, I can't see the colour red."
"Then how do you know they're red?"
"I don't. I know THAT one is red. That's how I know it's an illusion."

Life tip: if you do something for someone else, regardless of how well-intentioned and generous, if they didn't ask you to do it, you don't get to be pissy about their lack of gratitude.

#6 in my Isekai triptych series - we're half done this project! As before, all printable high-res versions of this image are available to my patrons at patreon.com/tailsteak

Writing teacher: Show, don't tell.
Screenwriter: Not a problem.
Cop, into walkie talkie: Sir? ...you'd better see this.
Detective: Can't you just tell me what it is over the radio?
Cop: Absolutely not.

Fresh for May, it's #5 in the series of Isekai triptychs. As always, higher-res versions of this image are available to all patrons at patreon.com/tailsteak

This event is T O D A Y !
Starting at 7pm Eastern, (assuming you're over 18) pop into picarto.tv/tailsteak and witness as these four brave adventurers explore a mysterious dimension of enthusiastically consenting adults in sexual scenarios!

Got the fourth Isekai triptych set done! As before, the printable res versions of these will be available on patreon.com/tailsteak. I'm really looking forward to the end of the year, when I'll have the full set of 12 of these!

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