Recently got my professionally-printed deck of cards for my sexy party game Brothel. Gonna do the first test run on Friday!

Just three weeks to go! March first is Sexy Self Comics Day - this will be the seventh year! To see past years' submissions (and check out the details of the event) just head on over to .

Just a little warmup art for myself. It's important to do art for yourself.

I just keep thinking about my modern-day gender-flipped Dracula story idea.

Fuck, I can't stop thinking about how I'd script a modern-day, gender-flipped retelling of Dracula. Homeless catlady Miss Renfield is particularly haunting.

Y'know, there are plenty of genderbent vampires, but you never really see a proper male version of Dracula's vampire brides. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if I could draw a female Dracula with thrall consorts and capture the same sort of energy.

mfw I'm running through a sexy scenario in my head and get to a bit that would make an interesting porn pic.

Did some commissions today, figured I should cross-post'em here as well as Twitter.

In the stream today, we talked about Prince's song Raspberry Beret - is it a beret that's coloured like raspberry, or is it made of raspberry, or it is patterned, or what?

Anyway, the consensus was that it's a raspberry-coloured beret.

Commissioner email: Hey, could you draw my fursona?
Me: Sure thing my dude, here's my rates.
Commissioner: Okay cool I'm a blue fox with purple wings
Me: Good stuff. Bird or bat wings? Any distinctive markings? Is there a particular pose you wanted?
3 days later:

Forward is a lot of work. I do a lot of shining and shading and line cleanup and whatnot for each panel. I do like the look, though.

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