I'm in a real dungeon-crawly mood. I wanna get some peeps and slap down some stats and run through a maze and solve some puzzles and roll some reflex saves and beat up some monsters that I don't have to ethically worry about.

Crowley Mood: The Dungeoniest 

@Tailsteak you are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.

Your magic compass glows, lighting the immediate area (aura 1 light, dim)

To the NORTH there is a door way to another chamber, hung with a tattered banner of some kind, the darkness obscures the details from where you are standing. You can hear movement, but are unable to distinguish if it comes from the doorway or beyond.

To the EAST is a three-way fork in the tunnel.

To the WEST is the remains of the collapsed entrance (impassible), the thunderous ripping and sliding of earth still echoing in your ears.

To the SOUTH is a blank stone wall.

Roll a WISDOM saving throw to approach the doorway.

Roll INVESTIGATE to explore the tunnel immediately around you.

Roll SANITY if you do nothing at this time.

@Tailsteak … now you’ve put me in the mind to load Grimrock 2 back up…

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