Advocating for keeping people poor/suffering for the sake of the economy is like advocating for taking a car off of a cliff because that'll make it go faster.


Yes, the car is a tool that we designed to go fast, but only as a means to the end of delivering its occupants safely to a destination. To prioritize speed (or growth) in any direction over that goal is to advocate for an inevitable crash.

The purpose of the economy, as a machine, is to ensure prosperity for its participants. If a policy like forgiving debt, higher min wage, UBI, etc, accomplishes this goal, then it is economically sound, even if the Dow grows more slowly as a result.

@Tailsteak it was always very strange to me growing up to here how the economy was the most important thing during elections. finally figured out that it was supposed to be a proxy for overall welfare and happiness.

Here and now in 2022 we see that that proxy has completely broken down. Though I don't know that the people in charge care.

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