A D&D campaign where you start at Fine size (3-5" tall) in a teeny village where everyone strenuously avoids all experience. When your party inadvertently slays a monster, you all get to second level... and go up a size category. Now you're Diminutive (2x as tall, 8x as heavy), and are exiled from the village. You must travel the world for a cure that will shrink you back to normal, but every time you gain a level, you also double your dimensions.

It's A Small World After All.

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@Tailsteak If one were to play this out all the way to level 20 (gaining 19 levels) without finding a cure, the protagonists would be around 33 miles tall, ±8 miles depending on whether they were at the low or high end of being Fine sized at the beginning.

At level 11, they'd be slightly taller than Godzilla ("30 stories high"). This might be something that makes even ancient dragons rather uncomfortable.

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