Why don't we make beards of other insects?

Idea: a Top-Gear-style car talk show about giant anime mecha.

And, of course, the final fanart is for DMFA!
My beloved spouse
twitter.com/Ambaaargh has been drawing this sucker as long as I've known her. It is good!

The penultimate , this is Louella Chand, one of twitter.com/KV1NN4 's characters.
Kev does a lot of great art! You can check out her FA here: furaffinity.net/gallery/kv1nn4 and get various benefits for supporting her here: patreon.com/bovinian

Another fanart for a friend of mine: this is
She does a lot of different things, but right now her main thing is a maid café tycoon game she's making, you can support her at patreon.com/Sererena

Today's fanart is for
twitter.com/StrypeisonFire , one of the most talented artists I've had the privilege of knowing.
Her FA is here: furaffinity.net/user/strype , but you really should be following her on Twitter for the full experience.

Today's fanart is Cup O' Love, by
twitter.com/dsanhentai !
In case you can't tell from the URL, this one's a porn comic, folks! Dsan does great work.

Fanart #26... Blind Gecko & Tail!
This webcomic is harmless and has puns. It is very good.

Fanart day 25... another T Rex in a box!
This is Rexford, from samandfuzzy.com by
S&F's been going strong for 14 years. If you aren't reading it already, I don't know what to tell ya.

Welp, it's the 24th, and today's fanart is T Rex from
twitter.com/ryanqnorth 's Dinosaur Comics!
North does a lot of cool stuff with time travel and squirrels and so forth, but he's been doing Dinos since 2003, so you should probably check that out first.

Fanart day 23 - Dumbing of Age, by
It's a college slice-of-life comic that's been running since... *checks* holy cow, since 2010. Anyway, it's good stuff, so if you don't already read it, check it out!

Today's fanart is Chest Trünkborn and Rodney the Figurehead from twitter.com/MagicTavern.
I'm assuming everyone's already familiar with hellofromthemagictavern.com, but these characters are played by twitter.com/travismcelroy and twitter.com/JustinMcElroy
so that kinda also makes this McElroy fanart.

Today's fanart is Hayley from GWL by twitter.com/SissyHPH!
She's not so sure about this weird recipe she's being texted.
Hayley's the main character of a series of porn flash games and such:
hayleypetharley.newgrounds.com Very NSFW, don't say I didn't warn you!

Today's fanart is Buckaress, from League of Super Redundant Heroes!
twitter.com/korvmatron has been drawing superredundant.com since 2011... give it a look!

Today's fanart is Nick Zerhakker from twitter.com/shaenongarrity and twitter.com/JeffreyCWells' Skin Horse!
SH is one of my faves, it's been going since 2007 (and I was a huge fan of Narbonic before that). You should check it out!

Fanart day 18!
Yes, that's the title character Selkie, from selkiecomic.com, by
twitter.com/strawberrycocoa . She is a perfectly normal little girl with a devoted adoptive dad and a predilection for delicious meat. Go check out her story!

Today's fanart is Nitrine, from Flaky Pastry!
FP is very good fantasy comedy and it's been updating weekly since 2005, check it out!

Fanart day 16...
I can't imagine there's anyone who follows me who doesn't already read oglaf.com by Trudy Cooper and Doug Bayne, but just in case, I'll let you know it's -very- NSFW, but far more funny than titillating.

Fanart day 15!
Another non-webcomic. This is Teryl Pacieco, the many-armed weaver of tales. They do microfiction on Mastodon!

Fanart 14.... Whomp, by
Whomp updates M-W-F at whompcomic.com

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