Okay, here it is!


Courtesy of @merletastic, I present....
Slam and the Prehistorics in:
Mysterious Maze Mansion!

Yes, guide five characters through a haunted mansion, use their unique powers... and unlock a sexy ending!

This is a whollllle lotta Javascript, people.

beautiful secret agent holding me at gunpoint: I've seen your handiwork in Marrakesh... and next, I imagine, you were going to Tel Aviv.
me, no idea what's going on, has been desperately bluffing for twenty minutes: *swirls drink and chuckles* Oh, I'm afraid Aviv already knows.

Okay, finally got this done! Big thanks to
@MetBoy7, @daemionfox, @merletastic, @yumihitoru, @Unemployed_Bear, @KieshaGrenscale, and @Nickabocker. Happy !

Did this pic on yesterday's stream - this is Mako (owned by markogorvorov, designed by KV1NN4)

"Generation [n] is so spoiled! They're lazy, they're entitled, they have no concept of personal responsibility..."
"Yeah, generation [n-1] were really horrible parents, huh?"

me: British? Sure, I guess I have British ancestry somewhere in me, hundreds of years back, but I wouldn't describe myself as British-Canadian or anything. Tea, the Queen, Stonehenge... none of it resonates with me, my genetic code may as well be from nowhere.

also me: *makes stock, saves boiled-out flavourless cartilage as a special treat*

Merle wanted to go out dancing with Jack Beryl, so this is what they got!

Not utopia enough to download astrophysics into my brain and lounge around in transhuman holo-orgies 24/7, not dystopia enough to drive a cobbled-together nightmare-truck around a wasteland shooting at warlords.

Someone on Twitter challenged artists to draw their OCs in the "Cartoon Network palette", i.e., CMYK. Pretty good morning warmup!

The intrepid team of adventurers approached the necromancer's pair of towers, rising like two curved scimitars to the blackened sky. Jasper Hardscale, the snakefolk rogue, snorted at the sight and muttered "compensating for something?" under his breath.

The government isn't Scripture or a law of physics. All those rules and systems were made by humans, humans who were imperfect, humans who didn't know then what we know now. You can't praise the bold founders who forged something new and then insist that forging is impossible.

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Yes, I agree, suggesting that we fundamentally change the way voting is tabulated or how crimes are charged or how fees are levied is impractical, and if I were an actual politician, that impracticality would be relevant.

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I hate when I post some idea about politics and a rando pops in to say "ummm, that's not actually how the system works".
I *know* that's not how it works. I should think it's self-evident that the way things work currently is *bad* and I am blueskying possible alternatives.

Still thinking about this D&D reskinned campaign setting. Players are augmented with alien tech, caster classes in a mundane world, tasked with eliminating various D&D monsters (fluff changed to make them alien, of course), as members of the Specialized Transdimensional Incursion Neutralization Group.

Some of my characters dancing! (From left to right: Jack Beryl, Bellina Nyteshade, Sam A'lander, Augusta Merriweather)

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