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So, interesting notion, probably some of you already know: boosts ("re-toots") can be deleted by clicking on the 🔄 symbol. However, if the boost has crossed the border to another instance, it cannot be deleted from there!
You can only delete boosts from your own instance. They will still appear to your followers who follow you from different instances!

TQ☄️ @TQ

Worth knowing: Private toots will NOT federate, as long as you don't mention an account on another instance. Also a warning will be displayed if will federate to another instance.

IF it federates to another instance, ALL who follow both you and the mentiones account can see the toot.

More: github.com/tootsuite/documenta


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@TQ So... private posts aren't actually private.

@dconley ... Why? Read my toot again carefully. ;)

But they could technically also be seen by the admin.

@TQ oh damn, I was confusing private with direct. Sorry 😞

@dconley Haha, no problem. Thought so. ;)

That, however, does NOT mean your toot is no longer private. It will only *federate* with a mentioned instance. Think of it as a copy on that instance.

@TQ Well, it also doesn't mean it IS private. The other instance can be customized to ignore privacy, or it can be GNU Social and simply not support Mastodon privacy, receiving it publicly like any other status.

@TQ So does that mean if I post something only for my followers it will only reach my followers that are on the same instance as I am?

So is there a way to post something for followers only (including those on other instances) without it being public there?

Or am I misunderstanding something?

@schonwiedersamstag It won't be publicly on the other instance, except if that instance is configured that way. It will be just as private as on your instance, and only your followers (and the admins!) can see the private message.