Announcement: The Song Contest is open for original submissions of music from now until Friday, 28th of May, 23:59 UTC! Please send your artist name, song name, your chosen ficitional country and a link to your song to this account here, I'll collect everything!

Voting will take place from Saturday, 29th 12:00 (noon) UTC to Sunday, 30th, 12:00!

Please make sure the country you choose to represent is fictional. There's absolutely no fun in actual national states. (Also it's kind of restrictive.)

The participation is only open for *original songs* that were written by the contestant. Please do not enter with other people's music, thank you.

@TQ Oh heck, does this mean traditional airs are out? I probably wasn't going to make it in time in any case...

@tfb sorry, what do you mean by traditional air?

@TQ The main music I play these days is Irish traditional/folk, where most of the melodies are from the tradition: someone would have composed it long ago, and then they evolve as the players change them over time. I know those aren't allowed in Eurovision (whence the embarrassing song by Dervish) ... But in any case, my folk/house mashup won't be ready in time, due to a child with a gastro.

@tfb oh, that's a pity really... Sounds really cool!
Best wishes for the little one...

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@TQ thanks! And I'll probably finish it and post it anyway, just not in time

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