Announcement: The Song Contest is open for original submissions of music from now until Friday, 28th of May, 23:59 UTC! Please send your artist name, song name, your chosen ficitional country and a link to your song to this account here, I'll collect everything!

Voting will take place from Saturday, 29th 12:00 (noon) UTC to Sunday, 30th, 12:00!

Please make sure the country you choose to represent is fictional. There's absolutely no fun in actual national states. (Also it's kind of restrictive.)

The participation is only open for *original songs* that were written by the contestant. Please do not enter with other people's music, thank you.

Quick update: We have currently 14 entries for the Song Contest! I'm pretty certain there'll be some more during the last day.
Looking forward to listening to all of them!

Last chance to enter your song: Send your artist name, song title, fictional country you'd like to compete for, and link to your original (!) song until today 23:59 UST!
Voting will begin tomorrow at 12 AM (noon) UST and run for 24 hours.

Have fun, be kind, be awesome! 💖

is almost upon us! The contestants will be revealed on Saturday, 29th at 12:00 noon, and you can vote for your favorite over the following 24 hours! Please follow the official bot for everything related to this fun and friendly competition: @fedivision

Have fun, be kind, be awesome! 💖


* artist name: Anton LeNIN (band name Nuni Nekrasova)
* Song name:Russian Survivalism
* Country : Somewhere in Russia


@linuxoid Part of the concept is using a fictional country, can you please choose one?

@linuxoid Sorry to bother you again, is that a song by you?

@TQ no it's not my song. This is cover with original worlds but different sound (without electronic musical instruments).

@linuxoid ah, okay. This friendly contest is just open to original songs.

@toffo Would you mind using a fictional country?

@Goldmaster Australia is not a fictional country... Or is it?

@TQ sorry, didn't realise that part. Yes #Australia does exist. So I will go with #Stanislavia

@Goldmaster Happy to hear Australia is an existing country. Have you heard of the Bielefeld conspiracy? 😆

@TQ Oh heck, does this mean traditional airs are out? I probably wasn't going to make it in time in any case...

@tfb sorry, what do you mean by traditional air?

@TQ The main music I play these days is Irish traditional/folk, where most of the melodies are from the tradition: someone would have composed it long ago, and then they evolve as the players change them over time. I know those aren't allowed in Eurovision (whence the embarrassing song by Dervish) ... But in any case, my folk/house mashup won't be ready in time, due to a child with a gastro.

@tfb oh, that's a pity really... Sounds really cool!
Best wishes for the little one...

@TQ thanks! And I'll probably finish it and post it anyway, just not in time

@YanagieIsHere @TQ Since you've also made hip-hop, I guess you're my direct competor... Yours is certainly better produced than mine.

@TQ This is so surreal, I can't believe it's actually happening. I love it.

@TQ Hey! Could you please pin this message on your profile until the 28th? I personally bookmarked it, but other people might forget to do that. :blobcatcoffee:

artist name: diorama
song name: Cinquanta metri (Fifty metres)
fictional country: Atropalia [atroˈpaːlja]


@Trofim @TQ Despite not speaking the language, I like this (at least the sound of it - I don't know what the lyrics mean).


Va, som-hi!

*Artist: El Generador d'Envolupant
*Song: Que si vols ruca?
*Country: Turtle Island

@Omar @TQ Started off very weird, but the eventual sound was really good.

Artist Name: Sakrecoer
Song Name: Bad Boys 3
Country: Fraggle Rock
(warning: audio might start on page-load)

I hope it's ok to contribute with older material..? I haven't really published this song other than on my lowtraffic website, and it's by far the popiest thing i've ever made.

@TQ #fedivision

@TQ Unfortunately, this whole gig was too short notice for me to de-dust my music production skills & creativity and actually get a song together. Looking forward to participating next year :))

or you could do like me: instead of dedusting your skills, just dedust a track from back in the glorious days! :) <3


@TQ Mine is underway but is going to be a bit rushed given I haven't finished and have about 24 hours left...

My #Fediverse Song is Form "Elsiane - Hybrid" and she Sings for Dwarf-Land

No, the song is not mine.
Does it have to be one of your own? Then I have misunderstood

Is UST GMT-4 as suggested by a quick websearch or just a misspelling of UTC (GMT, more or less)

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