I just had a terrible idea. Would anyone in the fediverse be interested in a fedivision song contest?
And participating?
I... I think I would like that!



The Fedivision Song Contest () will accept entries until Friday, 28th midnight CEST, so we have enough time to find collaborators if needed (), come up with beautiful songs for the fictional country or faction you would like to represent.
Also, we won't run into scheduling troubles with this other music contest named .
Spread the word, have fun! I'm looking forward to the weekend of the 29th/30th when voting will take place!


So, who can enter the Song Contest you ask? Anyone with an account here in the fediverse! You choose which fictional country / faction you want to represent, announce your participation and make some music of your choice. If you want to make music with someone else, please use the hashtag to find people.
Be kind, have fun, dare to make some serious music - or some kitsch! 💖

@TQ oh oh oh this is wonderful and terrible and I'm going to join in because...


😂 😂 😂 😂

@TQ @smj @smj should we enter one song in the name of sdf?

@TQ Ahhahaha! The Fedivision song contest! This is a terrifically terrible good pun and idea.

What a great idea!

For those seeking inspiration, our (#)fediLyrics toots are #ccZero.

Have fun.
@TQ @CobaltVelvet

@spacekookie @CobaltVelvet or choose a fictional country! I am, for example, representing the Bajoran Republic!

@TQ that sounds like a fun idea. If my head wasn't deep in SuperCollider sound design mode, I'd participate.

@TQ representing the Klingon Empire would be fun, despite the fact that I can't speak Klingon.

@draco @TQ There has been that recent post about recommended klingon language sites and teachers... :blobcatcoffee: Just wondering if you find a voluntary Klingon for your vocals on the fediverse - or are all Klingons on the birdsite? Would explain some communication styles there...

@ceha I'll stick with English. No resources to learn even basic Klingon in that short time and doing the vocals is 80% of the fun for me. Also, a heroic Klingon song needs some operatic vocals and I happen to be a classical singer. @TQ

@draco can't you participate with supercollider? Maybe? It could be fun?
And yeah, I don't speak Bajoran either. I think it's up to the participants which language they choose. 😊

@TQ I could probably use it to make some bass drones or keyboard pads. But my idea revolves around operatic vocals and possibly heavy distorted guitars.

Hmm, this is coming together in my head, the hardest thing will probably be the lyrics.

Ahahahah, this is going to be such a lovely timesink.

I reckon I could make a song for #Fedivision that I can also submit for #LibreMusicChallenge . This month we just have to use Airwindows effects. @unfa , @rghvdberg , want to join in?

@y6nH I have something done, per-se. but its also part of the album I'm doing

so I don't know whether to use that, or make something *completely* new

though if I dont get something made for redivision, its more than likely because im knee deep in these other songs for the album, lol

@TQ you better believe i'd be straight reppin gont or havnor from earthsea but this also happens to be the date of my academic extensions so sadly i will miss this

@Eidon did you already know about this? (Also check the other toot below in the thread, by the same other)


@honiden @TQ oh that's nice! I think I will participate ^_^
Thank you, Honiden-san!

Hello! (namely, @guresuke and @Eidon) would like to participate to with our song "Longing":


What do we have to further do or know in order to participate? For instance, do we have to specify a fictional country? Please let us know!

Many thanks!

@Eidon @guresuke hey there! Yeah, you pick a fictional country.
I'm feeling a bit under the weather right now, I'll come back to you soon.

@TQ @guresuke
Okay, take your time!
Guresuke-san and I will discuss which fictional country to come up with ^_^

For instance, 日タリア ^_^

@TQ @guresuke

Hello! Just wanted to check with you if we are officially registered for participation. Is that so, or do we still have to do something? Thanks for letting us know!

@TQ @guresuke
Oh and we have decided that our fictious Country will be “Japaly” ^_^

@Eidon @TQ @guresuke omg the first entry !!! That's really good, you're setting the bar high !!! So exciting 😄

So I have a basic concept for a really simple rock song. So it's not ESC compatible at all, but for the #FSC… well maybe…if I manage to record it during the weekend.

@TQ maybe @unfa is interested in participating in the #fedivision Song contest? #FSC

@FrankyFire @TQ Hey! I may look into that but I'm a bit overwhelmed with work at the moment. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though :)

@unfa @FrankyFire @TQ I'm doubling up FSC and LMC in one song. I may do a separate mix for each, with some non-Airwindows effects on the Fedivision version. (That's the Libre Music Challenge rule this month: only Airwindows plugins.)

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