I just had a terrible idea. Would anyone in the fediverse be interested in a fedivision song contest?
And participating?
I... I think I would like that!

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Come on, people, this idea is so terrible, we have to make it happen!

I mean, we could compete only with imaginary or fictional countries!

So far I think we could do it this way:
- participants choose their allegiance (any fictional faction will do)
- participants make a song until Thursday, CEST (or some other time)
- voters listen to and vote for their favs until Friday?

We could have a prompt or motto or something, if we want to.
More ideas appreciated!

Yeah, the song idea is done (in my head), now it's time to make some music!

There are interested musicians here who need singers and vice versa, right? Are you interested in collabing? ?

@TQ Our countries would be Β»instancesΒ«, wouldn't they?

@TQ @Xjs That would imply only instances that participate get to vote, and also that single-user instances get proportionally larger votes per person if they participate.

Personally, I'd love to listen and vote, but I'm not sure I could produce a song for a contest - I haven't made music in years and never on my own.

@TQ @Xjs I could write a voting server, where people login with their fediverse* accounts and the votes are tallied by instance.

(* mastodon-compatible, I'm not sure there are any non-mastodon client APIs in the fediverse)

@zatnosk @Xjs could we... Could we do this with fantasy countries, too?

@TQ @Xjs that's certainly doable! Now that I think about it, I think it'd be easier to build a fediverse bot, where people write their votes to and register their fantasy country with. Then no one has to trust some random website with their fediverse login, and it'd automatically be limited to anyone who uses the fediverse, without being mastodon-specific.

@TQ @Xjs less technically, would the songs be tied to fantasy countries too? Or is that needlessly limiting?
It would be a fun way of building the "our team" feeling, but it'd be tough to choose whether one wants to join the country of, or vote for their favorite song.

@zatnosk @Xjs I've given this some thought, and I think it's more fun if anyone can participate. People on larger instances who'd want to take part would have a tough time, and times are tough enough. The more the merrier!

@TQ In up for it in theory, though this Thursday would be a tight deadline.

@y6nH totally agree. But on the other hand, we're totally free to make a short song, a rough one, or multiple people could collaborate...

@TQ At best, I could do a cover song, and I don't think I'm ready for that, either.

@TQ I would love to, but why is Eurovision one week before my master delivery :(

@lilletale oh no... Sorry to hear. But hey, if we all like it, we could make it a tradition?

@TQ that’s a great idea! Do we have to perform live? Make up a country name? Everyone can just submit on their own, or maybe people elect who is representing an instance?
That could be so much fun.
Kind of making the most out of the federated structure of the Fedi.

@stragu I thought we could make it a bit more free, without tying the competition to the instances. It's limiting in a strange way, and I think it's more important to create than to limit access. My idea was to go with fictional countries!
And due to pandemic and us being mere mortal beings, I'd say no live performance.

First of all - that's a great idea.
And it spreads already.
But what's your idea with those fictional countries? Does every participant represent an own imagined fictional country and can create a flag and ... this is an open space... Did I mention it's a great idea?

@Easydor @stragu your interpretation of the fictional country is as good as mine, tbh. I thought of using countries or factions from fiction, like... Klingon empire, Alethia, Slytherin, Tortall, The Shire, ...

@TQ @Easydor @stragu yeah I love the idea of making up country names and flags! What about recording a video performance then?
I agree that lowering the barrier would be good. Anyone can submit a song for their own fictional country.

@TQ @Easydor @stragu oh didn't realise it would be such a short timeframe! Just audio then, of course.


Wow, I like that idea a lot, and it's also very nice to see how fast it gains traction!

Adding thoughts:
Creators could put their songs on #bandcamp (and we can buy them!) and the top 20 songs could go on some kind of album (released on a #bandcampFriday maybe).

I wouldn't create a song, and I probably wouldn't listen too much to other songs either, but I like the vibe, and I would cheer for people participating!
So nice to see this happen!

#fedivision #FSC

@TQ @joachim_kreativ I won’t have time to finish any tracks this week, but I’d be happy to master the tracks into a somewhat cohesive album format

I can mix too if needed, I know it’s a bit of a tight schedule and some people probably prefer the writing side anyway

@TQ How would it work? I mean, I can't sing to save myself, and only noodle around with guitars every now and then.

@david im certain there are lots of people who can sing here, you could collaborate! Or... You can do an instrumental piece, nothing wrong with than in my opinion.

@TQ @david If capella songs can join, instrumental pieces should!

@david @TQ I can sing (at least a little bit) and @TentinQuarantino might down to write us some drums, if he can use his Drumset this weekend. Plus I could write a second guitar or bass line πŸ˜‰

@TQ Yes I'd love to but I first need to work on my skills. But I'd totally love to so a collab one day.

@TQ 'fedivision' is a perfect name for it

im all for a FEDIVISION!!

@TQ Hurrah! Finally fun in the Fediverse! πŸŽ‰

@TQ 😱 😱 😱 😱 😱

@TQ you shouldn't forget to add @musicians! There might be some contenders.

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