I'm currently working on photos for my new album. I'm a bit late, because it's due in... OMG, 24 hours!
Here are some pictures I'm considering, comments appreciated!

(Photos with eye contact, showing portraits of me, heavily filtered and overlayed with circuit boards. Colors are mostly greens, pinks and reds.)

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Just in case anyone's interested, I'm using about 20+ filters for every photo in the app Pixlr. It's my goto app for heavy filtering image processing.

@TQ I used Pixlr for a while, but now I'm using Snapseed. It's working great for my album covers.

@neocolapsar I use that one, too! Mostly for my portrait stuff, when I don't want to really alter the whole photo.


i like the first one from the first post, maybe just because it's a square und i associate square with music covers (cd, vinyl..) and i like the lighter background, might be looking good on white website.

i like the second from the first post much, because the colours, the colour of the hair.., the closed eye and the circuit bord around the eye could be lashes or tears, i could imagine the tears/lashed even highlighted edited something.


@TQ i like the last of the second post (even when it's not a square ; ) the contour of the lips and the contour of the photo looks very graphical and fits very well with the circuit lines. it "could be all an illustration" like an old poster, retrofuturism(?)

(the one with the hand from the second post not working so well for me: i could recognise fingers/hand, but not really 'grap' the shape of a hand')

@rottenmeier yeah, the hand photo is a bit tough to recognize. I may include it nevertheless, I like the colors. But yes to all you've said! The square one will very likely become the cover, and the pink hair one I like because I look like a Drow! ๐Ÿ˜Š

@TQ The lips pic in the second post stands out for me. I'd choose that for the cover, and the 'Drow' as artist portrait.

@y6nH i was thinking of putting that picture with the lipstick on the back, but maybe... It would make a nice cover, too.

@TQ Part of the appeal is the flatter colours and dirtier textures. It has a slightly more graphical look than the others.

@TQ the one with the center perspective (hands left and right next to face) is pure awesomeness! They are all really good, but that one is breathtaking. Really really good work.

@tonymarc I've used a differently processed version of this photo before, and it's simply a very, very good shot! It's one of my favs, too!

@TQ I really like the second one with pink hair - the colours work really well for me :D

@welshpixie yeah, that one is so cool! I think I look like a Drow-version of myself!

@TQ I like the second one because the portrait reminds me of Rachael from Blade Runner, and the fourth, because colours! :)

@TQ Rachael is the replicant the protagonist falls in love with.

I do not know if I can recommend the movie. I think it is, especially for an 80s flick, very well shot and cut (which means sloooooow), and I like the soundtrack. It always sucks me in, but that could be some kind of nostalgia. You might find it tremendously boring, the behaviour of the replicant antagonist is somewhat erratic, and there is one very unneccessary shot that implies sexual violence.

@juni yes, I've read some meta and discussion. I think I should watch it, just to be done with it.

@TQ Meanwhile, I'm working on releasing only one track. I'm lazier than you :)

Regarding pictures, I think I prefer your second post. I'm not sure how to explain this, but I feel the portraits in the first one stand out a bit too much compared to the chip texture, they take a lot of "volume" and feel less integrated in comparison. Or maybe it's just how they're framed, but I think they could be more striking with less details, or more focus on small parts. I really like the cover though.

@ice yeah, the portraits definitely stand out... I think I'll add one or two of them inside of the booklet.

@ice thank you also for the comments regarding the portraits looking a bit... Cluttered. I will try to work on that a bit more.

@TQ Glad it helps :) Not sure if cluttered is the right word, I'd say it's some kind of balance to tweak between textures and pictures in order to make both feel a bit more unified, if that makes sense. But it's subtle and probably quite subjective.

@ice yes, I think I understand, even though I'm not that good in reflecting it back. If you like, I worked on some of the pictures and attached them here, I am going for a more desaturated and flat look:

@TQ Ah yes, I think it looks better this way, now it has some kind of painting-like vibe which feels surprisingly more natural. You can imagine the portraits being part of the circuit's material, as if they were the result of some acid stain, or sprayed on it. It's less flashy, but personally it tells me more stories :)

@ice thank you again for your feedback! I always get sucked into high contrast and bright colors, even if it doesn't always fit.

@TQ Oh I'm sure this can work too, it really just depends on which mood you want to convey. In my personal experience, the more color you use, the harder it gets to keep focus and balance, but it may be worth it (on the other hand, we're quite the achromatic cultists around these parts, so I may be totally biased, haha.)

@TQ @ice Second one on this is amazing. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

@SkinnyFeels Thanks! I haven't decided yet, but it's one of my favorites for sure!

@TQ Third one is amazing. Very Tron. Do that one. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ

Allow me my absolutely negligible opinion: I like number four but number three is probably the best for a cover. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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