I'm angry at people who don't take covid restrictions seriously 

I am so angry! There are so many people who go and visit lots of other folks over these goddamned holidays. Because it's okay, right? Everyone is doing it! So it's okay!

And now we have to explain to our 5 year old kid they can't see their friends for a week, because that's just way too risky.

Luckily, they have far more sense in them then those who nonchalantly go around and spread the disease.

I'm angry at people who don't take covid restrictions seriously /2 

Written while the little one is crying.


Covid, harsh cynicism 

"I just wanted to see some people again!" us a really shitty eulogy, you know.

Covid, harsh cynicism 

@TQ I (!) want to see some people again but there is a catch.

I don't. Because.

Covid, harsh cynicism 

@TQ let them die.

Covid, harsh cynicism 

@ruta the thing is they are also a danger to everyone else.

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