Hey fediverse! This might be a slightly awkward question, but what are your fav servers of the fediverse and why? :blobcatblep:
I'm still writing on this one German blog posting about Mastodon, and I have some, but would really appreciate the input. Thank you!

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@TQ, because it’s a neat idea and it’s still going

I use because their servers are run on green electricity.

@TQ the obvious stuff for obvious reasons: and both because they have a nice community and are tech related.

@TQ if a look back into the past is also allowed: was nice, as it was a Black instance in the otherwise very white fediverse.

@TQ I know a lot of people were very fond of

My personally fav is (of course) octodon, one of the longest-running fedi instances. It has no specific features (apart from having a great admin) but is is a pretty safe space.

@TQ, because it's cleverly named, and open :)

@abbe @TQ Cool, didn't know them but maybe they should also host Bookwyrm :)

@tofuwabohu @TQ which one, just curious (not the server admin) ? The comic, or the review site?

@tofuwabohu @TQ I was not aware of this. Thank you for sharing.

@TQ besides the ones that I'm part of (this one, and probably and There's a lot of creativity coming from those and random cool stuff. Also some very small instances with only a handful of users for different reasons but in general they tend to be better moderated.


My own. Self-hosting is the best way. Aside from that, for sure, and the whole FSE/SPC/NB crew.

Mention on sexism and racism 

@moth you know, it's not so much admins choosing what to talk about. I can talk about sexism, racism and other hurtful stuff, no problem. I can share whatever I like.
It is engaging in behaviors of oppression that gets users and instances blocked. Which I very much appreciate!

re: Mention on sexism and racism 


> behaviors of oppression

I think it's casual political disagreement 99% of the time.

re: examples of sexism 

@moth yeah, like getting dic pics sent? Getting doxed? Your face in a porn pic? That kind of "disagreement".

You know nothing, Jon Snowflake.

re: examples of sexism 


That's rude. I know how federation works on a technical level to know when instance blocks are appropriate, and I know how the blocklists are formed. Talking down to me isn't going to convince me of anything.

Snowflake doesn't seem to make sense here either. It denotes sensitivity, doesn't it?

re: examples of sexism 

@TQ's TOS also address many of your points, perhaps it's not so wild to suggest that the blocklists are heavy-handed.

@moth hey, you know what, I think we got one of these casual disagreements here!

I won't listen to you belittlement, you won't acknowledge my experience. That's fine.
Leave me be, go away. Live your life in peace. Bye!

@TQ because it is small, the community is lovely and more lively than the name of the instance might suggest :)

What a nice question, @TQ !

I like and, as they are both run by a #coop and also host lots of #coops!

I have never realy much noticed the actual presence of a specific server/instance serving me though the main reason I am on qoto is cause @freemo is cool :coolcat:


What a coincidence, thats the main reason I stick around too :) <3


@TQ my own. Because my house, my rules.

It's only there for me, but I'd open it up for family if they cared.

You know that feeling in college when you find one of your lecturer/teacher super cool and you want to hang out with them? feels like a teachers' breakroom crowded with cool teachers like described where the conversation can switch from neoliberalism to plunderphonics in no time (and never ever gets pedantic).

Also appreciate it for the serious community standards.

I hope it's ok to keep the answers coming @TQ ?

Because every day, more "things I like or find interesting about instances" are coming to my mind.

Today: I never used one, but think I like instances running the #hometown-fork, as I imagine the ability for instance-only toots helps create a better community feeling. would be one of those

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