Me leaving corporate social networks 

Finally uninstalled the Facebook app from my phone as a first step in deleting my account over there.
I left Twitter over years ago.
It's a slow process. I hate to leave people behind, but I feel that if I linger there, I just add to the problem. Making it more attractive to stay there, change nothing. I don't want to do that, and I don't want it to be done with me.
So I'm leaving, and I'll connect with them in other ways.

Me leaving corporate social networks, being on Mastodon 

I'm still on Instagram right now, but I hope to leave that platform eventually, too.
I won't be adding new corporate social platforms, too. The allure is there, but the kick out may give me to be there is payd with my data, and in many cases my money.
The thing I'm looking for the most is not the next hyped kick, it's genuine connection to other human beings, to create, to learn, to change. I find that here now than anywhere else.

I don't think I'll change the mind of anyone over there with my goodbye.
But I'm not willing to contribute any further to that flawed system!

Capitalism, social media, algorithms 

Corporate platforms are not a good choice to keep in touch with people you love anyway. Their algorithms are optimized to show you outrageous stuff, market unnecessary things to you, get you "engaged" and invested in the platform to keep you there.
They have no interest in showing you the things you care about most first. Because why would you spend your time doomscrolling if you already got what you need?
It's a capitalist flavor of low key censorship.

Capitalism, social media, algorithms 

@TQ I noticed that, too! I have been using a tablet to watch YouTube, and for the past few months I've been using NewPipe instead of the official client.

It's not just the absence of ads. Not having the "Recommended" tab puts me at the helm of my viewing, and I was surprised to notice that not having to worry about The Algorithm and what it might know about me has made me much more free to explore ALL THE things. And I do feel less distracted.

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