It's , and my new EP is out! Spacewave goodness, slow, calm, like drifting through space.

Thank you all for showing me so much your love and support! It means the world to me! 😭

@pfx thank you! I love it, too. And @tonymarc did an improvisation based on it, and I used it to create a song that's on this album! ☺️

@TQ I love the album cover and I've been listening to some songs and I liked it. Although my musical style is more Metal / Rock, you have won a fan!

@Acro81 Haha, fun thing, I'm also a metal person sometimes. :cat_hug_triangle: I'm happy you like it!

@TQ I've been listening to it looped most of the afternoon and I like how emotional yet simultaneously ambient it feels. It has a kind of quiet cinematic quality that strikes a perfect balance for me.

@ice Wow. That is such high praise in my eyes... I can't even! :purple_sparkling_heart:

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