I've recently upgraded my cursed keyboard to a mechanical one from Keychron. It's a tenkeyless one with RGB backlight, and I made a small wrist rest from a piece of scrap wood to type more comfortably. I love this so much, and I am a very happy person today!

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Must say working on that super easy wooden wrist rest was wonderful. I was super focused and enjoyed every part of the process. I've worked with wood before, and it's a beautiful material. I think I want to do that more in the future, if I find the time.

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When we moved to this house we inherited a very old and dusty room in the basement filled with old tools. And screws. You can't imagine the masses of screws we have! They are occasionally nice to have, but most of them are slotted screws... The tools are not well kept and the previous owner tended to buy many of them - but of the most cheap kind. One of my dreams is to clear that room out, sift through the tools, hold onto the few that are worth it and then have a proper *workshop*!

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I mean, I'd totally call it The Lair or something. I'd live out my best worst evil woodworker dreams there!

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I'd definitely pick up woodworking as a new hobby if I didn't already have *plenty* of those.
Or mechanical keyboards. But I mean, how can owning stuff be a hobby? I don't want to go down that drain...

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But woodworking... It's so practical! I could do all kinds of stuff! I've once built a traditional bow, and I could refine my knowledge about those...
Oh no. It's happening again.

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But, I mean, wood! It's such a wonderful medium, right? It can be very soft or super hard, it can be carved, sanded, polished, painted, turned, cut into useful and beautiful things! Oh...

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It can be approached with lots of tech, with electrical tools that make work easy and quick, but you can also take it so slow and gentle and meditaive...
Ohoho... Now I want to work with wood so bad.

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@TQ I totally understand! we are in the process of moving and building a workshop will be my first big task there

@balrogboogie We already have the space. We'd have to share it only with the pellet heater, but that's fine I guess. The main work would be to clear it out. I think it would take us 2 days... But it's doable!
What are your plans? And what kind of projects do you have in mind?

@TQ i've been getting into guitar building. i've done a lot of little practice projects and want to get started on a real build. I have a small workshop now that is good enough, but now that we're moving i'm going to put a lot more work into making my new workshop great

@balrogboogie Oh, that does sound fabulous! Guitar building, I love the sound of that! And the fun things you could try out!
Best of luck, looking forward to seeing your workshop and projects come to life!

@BustaMarx I'm talking about smaller things. Projects I could potentially finish during my lifetime. πŸ˜„

@TQ There is a small sailboat called the nutshell pram that can be built in like a week.

@BustaMarx I bet it could, by skilled and practised hands. Mine are neither. :D

@TQ I really love using hand tools instead of power tools. my spouse got me a new chisel set for xmas and i'm itching to use it lol

@balrogboogie Ah, there's the correct vocabulary for those tools in English, thank you! power tools and hand tools. Nice!
Yeah, that sounds like a beautiful gift!

@TQ you should! It doesn't mean that you have to invest all your time into it. But every now and then, you need some kind of furniture (better not one you need urgently) or have to replace one and can't find something that suits your needs. That is the time where you just start planning and building your perfect furniture for your needs.
Took me about 3 years, but now I almost exclusively own self made furniture...But I almost had nothing to begin with. ;)

@FrankyFire I totally would if I had more time. But as things are, I have to be reasonable. At least for some years... I simply can't add more and more hobbies and keep all of my side-projects going. I already work, am a parent, am an artist, am a musician, like to play RPGs with friends on a regular basis... And these are just the most time consuming things I do...

@TQ In case you want some more fellow woodwork people I suggest to follow @daniel_bohrer in case you don't already because - if I am not mistaken - Daniel is also a big fan of woodwork.

@pilum I mustn't complain, I already have a (super small, but hey!) studio where I can paint! But... having a dedicated room to work with wood is something else entirely!

@TQ Ooh, these are beautiful Keyboards.

The Ajazz AK33 (TKL/75%) I got, with replaced keys and rubberrings is about the same price.

I should've maybe looked a little longer for those Keychron keyboards.

Also your wrist rest is beautiful. :)

@alsternerd Thank you! The wrist rest was a project over 4 days, sawing and sanding and staining and oiling and polishing... It was wonderful to take my mind off of *things*.
I'm already eying other keyboards to maybe have a nice mechanical one for work, too... Maybe.

@TQ To have one for work I didn't even took a bigger look onto keyboards > 100€.
I just have the same setup at work and at home and it's really comfortable this way.

@alsternerd Ah... I have an old mechanical keyboard at work, and I think that one will do for some years. I probably don't need a new one. For some time.

Oh I think I'm just jealous 🀣

Why do you like it?

(I think I'd need to try one)

@openmastering I like the tactile feeling of it. I never liked those thin keyboards that came into fashion when notebooks came up. As for the backlight: I need backlight because... I played the piano for too long and the way I type scratches away the letters on keyboards with stickers. 3 weeks tops the E is gone. And since there's the option to make it glow all colorful, I go for that! I prefer to work in near darkness anyways. πŸ§›

@openmastering As for why I chose that specific brand and colorway and layout: I don't need a numblock, but I do need ISO-DE keys for my ÜmlÀutß, and this was one that was still affordable, given all of my other requirements. And available. I am really happy with it!

Thanks a lot for your review. I'll have a look, they are quite affordable too...

@openmastering I also like that you can connect to the keyboard via USB-C and bluetooth. And it comes with both Mac and Windows key options. I'm sure there may be even better ones out there mind you, I'm not a pro when it comes to mechanical keyboards. This is the one and only I own (apart from my super old one at work). There's a whole community out there with awesome reviews, if you're interested!

That's the problem, there are just too many references to understand what's really going on and if it fits.
That's why I tend to trust "real Userin" Reviews.

@TQ This looks beautiful, especially the wristrest!

@toni Thank you so much! The wrist rest is a beautiful thing!

@TQ I recently got delivered this professionally made one via Kickstarter, and yours is better. 😍

@toni Noooo, it's different. Yours is beautiful too, super professional and very clean!

@TQ Yes, but self-made is better by default. πŸ˜‰

@toni The process was certainly great! I enjoyed it so much that I'm thinking of picking woodworking up as *yet another* hobby.

@toni @TQ wow, yours are both so nice! I've been thinking about building a keyboard like the one from @toni 's picture – I really like typing on my thinkpad keyboard, since it kind of has an included wristpad, and the touchpad is comfortably reachable with my thumbs; I even have a spare thinkpad keyboard and touchpad lying around somewhere, but until now could not figure out the protocol they're speaking 😁 But the case would also definitely be made from wood.

@TQ It’s gorgeous, thanks for sharing the photo! :)

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