Good morning! Hope your weekend starts well!


I've jokingly told our little one that the weekend ("Wochenende" in German) is brought by the week-duck ("Wochenente") much like Santa brings gifts or so. Even though they don't believe me at all and say it's ridiculous ("Quatsch"), we all have a good laugh.

I like the Wochenente. 🦆

Also they claim they don't believe in Santa or Nikolaus or whatever, but they still want us parents to bring gifts or shove chocolate in their little boots on 6th of December.
I love them so much.

@TQ Gifts are gifts and chocolate is chocolate, regardless of whether santa is real or not.😋

@TQ I bet it's the same Ente that's providing the search in your blog. 🦆

@TQ it's been way too long since high school German class so thank you for this delightful pun 🦆

@kaypar My pleasure! (And the little one enjoys it, too, even though they also complain because it's corny, haha...)

@TQ Vergiss OGS und Wohngruppe

Ich arbeite in nem Kindergarten nur um kindern das zu erzählen

@TQ ich bin grad in der erzieherausbildung. das war n halber witz darüber dass ich extra mit ner jüngeren altersgruppe arbeiten würde um denen das erzählen zu können

@ijyx Ah, ok. Sorry, hab ich echt nicht kapiert (bin aber auch matschbirnig grad).

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