Hi, I just wanted to tell you that it makes me ✨happy beyond imagination✨ when someone listens to my music and likes it! 🎹 :purple_sparkling_heart:

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πŸŽ‰My album is released! πŸŽ‰
It's out now on , 11 tracks, featuring 80s sound and dreamy synths! πŸŒƒ
Night River | Chris Roth
chrisroth.bandcamp.com/album/n ​

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@joachim_kreativ of course, best site for artists and listeners! πŸ’–

@TQ I just checked it for the first time. Blood Sugar is great!

@TQ these tracks are really good (I'd been listening to the pre-release you sent me a few weeks ago and had been meaning to say how good it was immediately reminded me of the 80s and the kind of darker European new wave you would occasionally hear about (but it was rarely played on radio here, the BBC thought it was a Soviet plot (I kid you not, they had a whole surveillance station near my old home and high school to monitor the North European "youth radio" programmes of other broadcasters!)

@vfrmedia Thank you so much! Yeah, it's very 80s inspired. I liked the synth-heavy sound and the gated drums since the late 80s, and I've been really happy to explore the synthwave / retrosynth genre as a listener.

@TQ @vfrmedia I honestly had a earworm of Blue Ribbon today β€” you must have done something right there ☺️

@TQ I just listened to the tracks, they are great! Took me right back to the 80’s and house parties. Something to be very proud of!

@TQ I'm going to wait until Bandcamp Friday, but I'm excited to listen to it! Of the freely available songs, I liked lost the best, due to the lyrics I think.

@tofuwabohu thank you! Wow, that's wonderful... πŸ’– The rest of the album is now available for stream, too, I think. Just in case you'd like to listen.

@TQ Congratulations! 🎊
This is such a huge achievement and the tracks have such good vibes! 🎢

@platypus Thank you, it makes me so happy you think so! πŸ’–

@TQ Woohoo! Congratulations, instant buy! (Almost instant. Bookmarking so that I can buy it from the desktop computer in the morning.)

@futzle Aww, you're so kind, thank you so much! 😱😍

@TQ Congratulations and crossing fingers for success and wonderful, positive comments.

@luricaun I already got so many encouraging comments, I'm very thankful!

@TQ Want one more?

I think you did an amazing job and I also like the songs a lot. Not sure which one is my fav but I can definitely dig the vibes.

@daniel_bohrer thank you! Curious thing, I first had a melody that didn't work instrumental. And when I wrote the lyrics for the song, my mind was somehow stuck on the syllables "-otion" at this one piece of melody. I couldn't pry it away from that, and the restriction was somehow even helpful. :ablobreach:

@TQ an excellent debut! Thoroughly enjoying your tracks

@lastfuture That's a huge compliment coming from you. Thank you so much!

@TQ Nice! I can't say it's my style, but it sounds really good! Damn, good job πŸ˜„

@TQ congratulations! finally getting the chance to have a listen. my favourite track so far is "once".

@radicalresilience Thank you! I'm still getting used to people listening to what I created, it's a curious feeling for sure. You're with my little one, they like "once", too!

@TQ I've listened to the whole album now. My favourites: Blue Ribbon (love the wavering leads and grungy distortion exploring every variant of the theme); Salt (that relentless beat!); Blood Sugar (all those ambiguous chords, *chef kiss*); Eucalyptus (a driving anthem overlaid on a best-of-the-80s arpeggio). Great stuff!

@futzle Thank you so much! I am so happy you like it, and so very thankful for your help in the process! πŸ’–

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