I'm curious, how often do you wash/clean your masks?
[Feel free to answer to this toot]

@TQ I let them hang outside for at least a day after every use and wash them when I regularly wash stuff at 60°C or if all masks have been used to often (2-3 times)

@TQ I put it in the oven at 90°C when I come home for 30 minutes. I go out at most once per day in any case.

@TQ every time I come home, mask goes into the oven 70°C, 30min

@TQ wir haben Urbandoos mit FFP3 Filter inlay, die muss man nur alle paar Monate tauschen und in dem Zuge wasche ich dann die Schals auch.

@TQ when i feel the need, but i want to add that i rotate through multiple masks - the cloth masks get washed, the n95 has to sit for a few days. washing for me kind of depends on how close i got to other people/whether i was inside a building or not. or sometimes just whether my breath stank lol

@TQ we spray ours with hydrogen peroxide after every use, then wash occasionally

@TQ my parents have 6-7 masks each and they have a steady rotation, cleaning them after every use. I only have one well-fitting mask and need more before I can do the same. I clean it when convenient. I should clean it after every use though.

Actually, I use just a piece of cloth, just to comply the rules. We did not a problem without them, and we do not have serious problems right now. It's just a placebo.
With or without, you get into trouble where conditions are bad. If you have slum, you get disease, crime, domestic violence and drugs.

@TQ I mean, I only go out every few days for about an hour and I don't wear it until I get out of the car

@TQ After a day of use. I use one mask several times a day if necessary..

@TQ Sometimes wash it, but mainly iron it after use, found that to be quickest and least energy consuming. Most often using a scarf-like thing which can be easily unfold to single layer to lay flat on the ironing board.

@ceha I do that, too. We wash the masks when they get physically dirty, but iron them very hot for several minutes after every use. We cycle through about 12 masks for 2 people.

@TQ I'd wash them a lot more if I went out more? But if I errands, it's in one burst, get home and throw stuff in laundry and shower. Depending on which one it is mask might either go straight in the wash with the rest or be let stand two days before hand-washing if possible.

@TQ And I figure, if I forget somehow and it stands in my backpack for a week? I mean, the stuff doesn't last on surfaces that long anyway.

@TQ we have a bunch of cloth masks that we made, bought a few, and got shipped a few from family, so I can cycle through without running out. I hand wash briefly after every use. Soap & scrubbing when I wash my hands, wring it out & hang to dry

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