@TQ those track titles - someone really knows their DOS~

:msdos: :blobheart:

@TQ I'm fortunately near the end of my workday, but I will definitely plug this virtual object into my headphones tomorrow morning!

@TQ So far I'm halfway through second track (EDIT.COM) and it's amazing <3 the best combination of chiptune, thrash metal, classical and progressive I can imagine. And I love all of those genres, so - wow!

@zatnosk Yeah, me too! Even thou I would put different labels on it, which is completely beside the point that it's awesome!

@TQ whatever the labels, it takes a lot of elements that are already good and mixes it to an amazing cake of delicious sound :blobcatmelt:

@TQ (in addition to listening to it on semi-low volume right now)

@TQ So cool! One of my favourite artists to listen to while working.

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