Please use CWs 

Please use CWs. Don't fear ppl won't read your stuff. They will, if they can stomach the topic and are interested. They won't if they don't or aren't interested. In the latter case, you would have gained nothing by omitting the CW, but it makes all the difference for some people.

Please use CWs 

@TQ I'd like to boost this about seven times.

Please use CWs 

@TQ I don't generally post much stuff that doesn't have CWs if it's on difficult topics. It makes me sad when I see great content and don't feel comfortable boosting it.

@tonnerkiller Content warnings. It's a feature for Mastodon that hides the content of a post and lets you add a description. You're using a different platform, right?

Yes, Hubzilla. We have the spoiler tag. Like this:

Click to open spoiler

don't read this

Does this work across the platforms? How do you see it?

@TQ, activist aspect

@tonnerkiller No, it doesn't translate to Mastodon. Afaik, Mastodon implements a different tag... It's platform specific, I think. Which isn't good.

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