Hi and good morning! I would like to write an update on my (German) articles about joining , and I admit I'm not up to date about the cool and quirky instances that do fun stuff, like that deletes toots based on the moon phase. Can you please help? Thank you for answers and boosts! 💖

Also, if you think I should most definitely mention something specific and important to you, please feel free to let me know! 💖💖

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You probably already have that covered: I think it's important to learn that

- there are lots of different instances
and that
- bigger is not always better.

When I joined, I chose just because it was the easy choice. I now know that it's so huge that it brings some drawbacks e.g. unusable local timeline (and I think also some instances stopped federation with it because of its size?).
I would choose different today, but as of now am too lazy to switch.



If you can, it would be great to encourage people to think wisely about their instance choice, but at the same time not make them afraid to make a bad choice.


@TQ probably the hometown instances? They have a bigger focus on local by default, and I don't think there very well known. There's even an interesting article about how that fact doesn't even hurt federation that much, but it does make people more aware of "privacy" and makes them choose more consciously who they share toots with.


I had never heard the term "hometown instances" (that caters towards you "I don't think there very well known" ;-) ).
If you could share a link to that article you mentioned (or other resources) that would be very nice!


@TQ there's that one instance that doesn't allow the letter "e", right? I forget the word for that. has inline LaTeX support (or whatever the Homestuck instance is) has some kind of features for defining and automatically applying a typing quirk is more a meme than anything anyone actually uses, as far as I recall, but it had some rules like that each post had to have at least one censored word (like th*s)

@TQ let's see and there's for automated posters, plus is some cool project that's like, it's a server that anyone can add functionality to, and its Mastodon instance is only one of its functions, or something
I hope these are the kind of things you are looking for


just leaned of from @uint8_t and came right back here to tell about it 😉 ;

nice to see you already added it!


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