I've designed and printed a screen for , and I have character sheets and I'm so happy!

I hope the printed paper de-wrinkles when this screen is completely dry. Every time I use the hair dryer, the wrinkles disappear, only when I leavie it sitting around they reappear. So there might still be some moistness trapped in the cardboard. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

@TQ Super good!

(Short DM tip: if you find your screen is too tall for you to want to have it directly in front of you—"Players? Are my players even there?"—it's still great on a very small table or bar cart or taboret beside you.)

@metagrrrl Thanks! I've considered using a screen in landscape orientation, but I simply like it better this way. My old DM screen was the same.
We'll play on a normal dining table for the first time (we've had a looong break and we used to play on small living room tables), so I'm sure I can use your tip!

@TQ that looks fantastic! I just finished making my own diy dm screen recently but it's handwritten on a reused folio with adverts on the reverse side :p Yours is great inspiration for my second draft!!

@brianna I had a really old one for a different system, and I also wasn't too fond of it, it looked pretty bad. At one time I painted the back of the screen black, which improved it a lot. 😂

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