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Time for a little Update on how I use my accounts:
@TQ ☄ is my main account. Posts switch between English and German, and I toot about more general stuff.
@TQ 💫 is my smol, private account. Toots auf deutsch, nur Freund*innen!
@TQ ✏ is my artsy account, there I post sketches and abstract paintings! It's wuite active these days!
@TQ 🐍 is my coding account, which I use only when I have a project.
I also often boost posts from my 2 "special" accounts over on my main.
Feel free to follow or mute. ❤

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bread levels are 39% and steady

(39%) ■■■□□□□□□□

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~=8 Character Passwords Are Dead=~

New benchmark from the Hashcat Team shows a 2080Ti GPU passing 100 Billion password guesses per second (NTLM hash).

This means that the entire keyspace, or every possible combination of:
- Upper
- Lower
- Number
- Symbol

...of an 8 character password can be guessed in:

~2.5 hours

(8x 2080Ti GPUs against NTLM Windows hash)

#Hacking #Infosec

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Me, throwing away all my clothes: Marie Kondo

Me, shaving off my eyebrows: Marie Kondo

Me, driving my car into a lake: Marie Kondo!

Me, burning down a prison: MARIE KONDO

Am I the only one who noticed the small changes in the intro? Can't be the only one!
Here, I've found the main title from season 1:
and season 2:

Must say I like the changes, as I like season 2 much more than season 1 in general.

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Ich greife den Aufruf von damals einfach nochmal auf:

Zufällig (auch werdende) #Imker im Fediverse unterwegs?

(Gerne Boost. Thx!)

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"Flying won't set you free (because nothing will)."
Another abstract landscape painting! I love the fluorescent pink, but I think I'll stick with gold. The silver here doesn't sparkle enough, perhaps it will on darker paper.

Picture shows an abstract painting that looks a tiny bit like a river landscape. There are scribbles and squiggles all over, dominating colors are white, pinks and blues.

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I updated LibreElec and all went well.

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For the last weeks I painted in our flat. It was nice being able to spend time with ❤️, but it's so much easier to paint in the micro studio! Even though room is limited, all is there, everything is ready, I just have to grab it. That's so great!

Also, it's much more okay to make a mess. 😅

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Unsubscribe from a couple of those newsletters you never read.

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während noch die Diskussion unter Autor*innen und Leser*innen läuft, ob und wie Triggerwarnungen für Bücher wichtig sind (Spoiler: viele lachen darüber), schreibt eine Phantasy-Autorin seit langem eben jene für ihre Bücher auf ihre Homepage. Ein kleiner Schritt, aber gut.

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Makeup stuff, colorful makeup, related to my no-buy Show more

no-buy, craving makeup Show more

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A variety of fineliners, Copic markers for the shading, Prismacolor Premier pencils for the gemstone, on A4 size Rive pale cream 170g paper.

For Sale! $80 USD which includes worldwide shipping, for the signed original. Message if you want to buy.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

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quick reminder that season 2 will be released on friday and y'all would do well to rewatch the first season now!!

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pokémon levels are critical

(00%) □□□□□□□□□□

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