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@blinry Nodotsam! 😂

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I hacked oulipo.social and everyone's password is just "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

@Jules How great is that?!

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don't stop being weird

don't let anyone stop you from being weird

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Oh, I hadn't seen "8values" before! It's like the political compass, but you get a rating on four axes!

Here's my result, for example: chaos.social/media/ElP474_p4bH

(Via @dajbelshaw's article: dougbelshaw.com/blog/2017/04/2)

@dawning_sun Good to know! I was looking for a group of people online who want to learn to code and support each other.

@ametlles I think python is a good consensus at the moment, yes!

@Jules Hehe, ok. Fällt mir echt schwer, das einzuschätzen.
Mir isses wirklich egal. Hab auf beiden Plattformen jetzt Accounts ohne Inhalt. XD

Okay, shiny happy people! I'm afk, possibly for the rest of the day! 😚

Okay, shiny happy People! Ich bin afk, vermutlich für den Rest des Tages! 😚

@ekkoren Braun auch, seh ich total ein - aber senfigbraun ist bei echt vielen Hauttönen gruselig...

@ekkoren Ghoulish! Das ist doch der graue, oder? Also, der!

*clicks a bit on GitLab* I can't find an option to join or found an "organizaion". Thought that could be an easy way to connect on GitHub, perhaps I need to look for something different on GitLab... *searches*

@Jules Some (2, if I'm not mistaken) people said they would prefer GitHub as it's allegedly easier and has less bugs. I'm open to both options.

@Jules We could name the "organization" on Git accordingly. If you want to suggest a new hashtag, please do! :)

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@Jules Suggestion: We keep it until everyone who wants to participate has settles into out yet-to-found group on GitHub (or elsewhere). After that step, we could switch?

#practicecoding platform-wise I would suggest making a GitHub group similar to this one: github.com/LearnProgramming
As a very first step. Opinions?

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Save this link also:

You can also make your own project but make the same thing all of you. With that you can talk to others about their implementation and compare with yours.

Just as an idea.

@ekaitz_zarraga I know that page! \o/

And I was thinking along these lines, doing the same project and chatting along the way! :)

@Jules Oh no, I know that one! From 1997! /o\