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Time for a little update about my accounts:
@TQ is my main account. Posts switch between English and German, and I toot about more general stuff.
@TQ is my art account where I post all kinds of art like completed works, sketches and abstract paintings!
@TQ is my private account. Toots auf deutsch, close friends only.
@TQ is my gaming and DM account.
@TQ is my coding account, which I might use again when I have a project.
I often boost posts from my "special" accounts over on my main.

consider this:

- psychologist: breathe calmly, accept your feelings, relax your muscles, love yourself
- singing teacher: breathe calmly, open up the space inside you, relax your shoulders, trust your breath
- SCUBA instructor: open up the spaces inside your throat and head to equalize pressure, relax, breathe calmly so your air lasts.
- PT: relax your neck, pull your shoulders back and down, be tall
- derby coach: don't hang on your muscles, relax your body, focus on smooth motions and breathe

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Painting in the morning is wonderful. Should do it more often.
Here are parts XVII and XVIII of the Lockdown Landscapes. #mastoArt #creativeToot #traditionalArt

Hätte jemand in Karlsruhe Interesse an Tomatensetzlingen (1x Ochsenherz, 1x Andenhörnchen) und/oder Grünlilienablegern?

Samo Rane - Azadi EP fundraising for refugees at camp Moria

At Camp Moria in Greece conditions getting worse and worse. People who are confined there, are left to their own device. You might imagine what this means in terms of receiving water, food and medication.
Therefor we’ve decided to donate the whole income of our EP called Azadi (freedom) to the LIFELINE project who are doing great work down there, to help our brothers and sisters to survive. #savethem #lifeline

Corona adjacent, sewing 

Das Guggenheim Museum hat seine Kunstbücher zum Download bereit gestellt und es ist großartig

covid (US) (data sets) 

Started "Cities: Skylines", and it was fun! Now: bed!

Empfehlung für Sportvideos mit und ohne Kinder, Alba Berlin 

I wonder if there are any #foldingathome teams that I could join. I don't have strong hardware or much time where I can let the client crunch ahead on full steam, but still, I guess every bit helps?

Ah, I've finally done enough steps on the stepper and am tired enough to go to sleep.
Good night, fedi!

COVID-19 / very negative 

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false news re: corona /2 

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false news re: corona 

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