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Time for a little update about my accounts:
@TQ is my main account. Posts switch between English and German, and I toot about more general stuff.
@TQ is my art account where I post all kinds of art like completed works, sketches and abstract paintings!
@TQ is my private account. Toots auf deutsch, close friends only.
@TQ is my gaming and DM account.
@TQ is my coding account, which I might use again when I have a project.
I often boost posts from my "special" accounts over on my main.

corona, kalauer 

Jetzt muss man sogar nur noch allein daheim rumsitzen um die Welt zu retten und dann ist den Leuten das schon zu viel.

#StayTheFuckHome #MaskenAuf #Corona

tests are showing glamour levels at 11%

(11%) ■□□□□□□□□□

covid19 aerosol transmission 

"A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air.

Here is an overview of the likelihood of infection in three everyday scenarios, based on the safety measures used and the length of exposure":

This is the bisexual dad representation I didn't know I needed 🦢🦢🦢

Christian Lindner, Corona 

Christian Lindner hält weitere Einschränkungen in der Gastronomie für unnötig und deshalb verfassungswidrig.

Ich halte Christian Lindner für unnötig und deshalb verfassungswidrig.

Corona, Wirksamkeit Stoffmasken bestätigt 

Das Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) hat die Wirksamkeit von Stoffmasken untersucht.

" Das Ergebnis: Masken haben eine deutlich positive Wirkung, obwohl kleine Aerosole sie durchdringen können. Sie lenken die Atemluft um & verlangsamen die Verteilung von Aerosolen im Raum."

The gender today is the smell of rain and three a.m. just before it starts to hail.

If it's your first time, you have to get in a fight.

"oh no I'd rather not"

"come on just a little argument, you'll be fine"

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Fight Club but its people practicing speaking up for themselves/having confrontations with each other so they can better assert themselves and their boundaries in the outside world.

There are some very unique ways you can carve pumpkins, and very easily at that! Don't feel you have to be bound by convention when you choose your pumpkin design this year. `

perfume levels are 71% and steady

(71%) ■■■■■■■□□□

adhd, differential diagnosis 

It also feels weird because it's only self-diagnosed. The thing is, I'm a psychologist (haha, right?), and I've spent some time considering other possible deviations from neurotypicality, especially borderline personality disorder. But it doesn't really fit the bill, I have very stable relationships and am not overly risk-seeking. And while I always felt I had no problems with focus, I have learnt that this may very well be due to hyperfocus. I have tremendous problems focusing on anything else than what I deem interesting. I'm lucky in that regard that I can talk myself into finding many things interesting...

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