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Time for a little Update on how I use my accounts:
@TQ ☄ is my main account. Posts switch between English and German, and I toot about more general stuff.
@TQ 💫 is my smol, private account. Toots auf deutsch, nur Freund*innen!
@TQ ✏ is my artsy account, there I post sketches and abstract paintings! It's wuite active these days!
@TQ 🐍 is my coding account, which I use only when I have a project.
I also often boost posts from my 2 "special" accounts over on my main.
Feel free to follow or mute. ❤

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19 The Sun for #AprilArtJourney. This one was nice. Different from the other ones I feel, much more clear and crisp, but that's what the sun does, right?

Picture shows a bright painting of a big glowing sun above a sharply lit meadow. Two figures stand on the light, outlined in by the harsh light. The sun is a bit 2 dimensional, the rest rather naturalistic.

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the military is a global burden Show more

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military carbon dioxide Show more

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hunger, poverty, money, military Show more

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Aber ich schätze, man kauft auch keinen Q5, wenn man ein rücksichtsvoller Mensch ist.

Testing Fedilab again. I quite like it, I only miss the feature to pin a list... Or better still, to have a custom set of tabs over multiple accounts. That would be the most awesome thing!

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18 The Moon for #AprilArtJourney. Can't believe there are only 4 more paintings to paint and I'm a free person again! 😱😭😂

Picture shows a painting in blues. A huge moon rises above a water surface, only the lowest part bright with light. A dark silhouette walks in front of it. It is small in comparison. Lots of squiggles and scribbles are on the painting.

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we're seeing mystery levels at about 84%

(84%) ■■■■■■■■□□

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Confederate monuments, yelling Show more

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The finished 17 Star for #AprilArtJourney! It's such a relief after the last few cards.

Image shows a person sitting on the edge of a lake, one hand at their chest, one on their thigh. The painting is very serene and also quite violet. In the distance, there is a forest.

Pain medication (+) Show more

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AprilArtJourney, destruction of a building Show more

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When you compose a new post, pixelfed generates special preview urls for uploads. Only the owner can view them.

We automatically delete uploads after 6 hours if they do not belong to a published status, but that will soon change.

Camera Roll will enable continuity across devices, and new possibilities for creating that perfect post!

We can't wait to share more after v0.9 is released. #pixelfed #pixeldev
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#OurStreets pink sticker with black script reading "fight hard but stay soft" and 'sheet poet society'

Ich glaube, ich will Schlagzeug lernen. Oh noes.
I think I want to learn to play the drums. Oh noes.

I'm sitting in the sun, and it's nice. Listening to some classic rock like my own father would, doing nothing, feeling the wind on my face.

Sometimes, life is good. Despite the rest.

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Berlin, blocked. Sorry for the inconvenience, but our house is on fire.


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15 The Devil for #AprilArtJourney. I remember that years ago I experienced this card as way more positive. I think I may have been closer to my animalistic, unrestrained side back then. Today, the negativeness vastly outweighs the positive sides for me.

Picture shows a painting in red. A goat's skull is in the upper center in white, two cowering figures sitting beneath it. They are shackled to another, facing away from each other.

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