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Time for a little Update on how I use my accounts:
@TQ ☄ is my main account. Posts switch between English and German, and I toot about more general stuff.
@TQ 💫 is my smol, private account. Toots auf deutsch, nur Freund*innen!
@TQ ✏ is my artsy account, there I post sketches and abstract paintings! It's wuite active these days!
@TQ 🐍 is my coding account, which I use only when I have a project.
I also often boost posts from my 2 "special" accounts over on my main.
Feel free to follow or mute. ❤

What makes you more comfortable expressing your feelings and being open around women vs. men? Is it the absence of toxic masculinity? Is it a softer social currency situation?
Guys hanging around "buddies" seem to be limited to anger, ridicule or talking about sex. Do y'all have close friendships with other guys that you can be "yourself" around?

I know it's a very broad question. I understand it doesn't apply to every guy universally, I'm just going based on personal experience.

Okay. I will do it. I'll take this stipend!

If you're asking why this is such a big deal for me, I got a 4yo child at home and I share responsibility with my partner. We're trying to do this evenly, and I'll be gone for 3 weeks. It's "jwd" as we say in German, "janz weit draußen", meaning really remote. Which is a good thing for working, but a bad thing for family and staying in touch.
And of course I'm doubting myself. The usual. #artistLife #artistProblems

I'll just... Wait...? Till it is tomorrow... And my brain has stopped whirring. Yes. Good plan.

Omg omg omg! I just won a stipend for 3 weeks! Gods! Omg!

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Went to see some art yesterday! My favourite pieces were by Jeanne Mammen, who documented the lives of women in Weimar era Berlin, including lesbian subculture. Look at this (bad photo of a) wonderful illustration from 1928, called "She Represents!"

More about her here (cw Nazism, of course):

Schick! Es gibt wohl ein brandneues Rechtsgutachten im Auftrag des BMFSFJ zur Auslegung von §45b PStG

Die Kurzfassung ist, dass das Verfahren auch trans Personen offen steht. :trans_flag:

warning - extreme perfume levels detected

(00%) □□□□□□□□□□

DIY dry shampoo test 👌 

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me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind


Today we were swapping pics of our favorite goddesses and talking about the best queer drama in mythology. What I’ve been coming back to again and again the last few years re: friendship is this: it helps to have things in common, especially deep characteristics like what you value in yourself and others, but friendships that last ultimately have to be built, for me anyway, on the basis of knowing that you’re both good people who are trying their best.

Internet friendships can be like friendships built through correspondence when it works right, especially if you actually meet at some point. I’m chatting with a woman who’s been an acquaintance for almost a decade. we met onstage at an event called “girl talk” that was about keeping a dialogue between cis and trans women. Started chatting last year and now we’re friends. This is what the internet was SUPPOSED to be like right?

Down with a sickness, move it 2020 

Move it 2020, western fitness yoga 

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