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"Hallo," the knight called at the tower.
A princess looked out a window at the top. "Yes?"
"Did you build this tower yourself?"
"I like it. Can I have a copy of your plans?"
"If you credit me."
"Of course. My niece will love it."
"As long as she has the keys."
"Of course."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

Don't get intimidated. Try it yourself for some time and get to know yourself, get to know how you prefer to look in pictures. It pays off, you can go into photo situations more confidently and know more about how you can present yourself so *you* like yourself in the picture.

(I'll just leave that two "c)"s in the first post, I like them.)

You know, the awesome selfies, flawless and gorgeous looking... Those that get you all intimidated and "OMG, that person is stunning!" are the result of
a) Practice. You have to get to know your face, expressions, lighting situations + angles you like
b) hundreds of pictures. Literally. To get 1 good one, I have to shoot 100.
c) make-up. This is a whole other category, but it can make the WORLD of a difference.
c) editing. There are tools to even out skin, brighten the eyes, manipulate anything.

Got a lip liner that matches okayish and used it as after lunch. Lacked a deeper red one anyway.

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For the non-German crowd: German Blockchain/Bitcoin convention hosts Alice Weidel who's the chairwoman of Germany's fascist AfD party.
You do you, Bitcoin / Blockchain community. I didn't expect any ethics in the first place.

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Went out wearing "Temper" from Urban Decay. Such a gorgeous warm, but still not too much in your face lip colour!
But sadly, I forgot the at home, so I can't reapply after eating. 💀

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Did this one last night because I felt the urge to produce something, even though I don't have enough time right now.

#art #mastoart #sketchbook #watercolor #drawing #winter

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Early on in "The Hobbit", Tolkien briefly mentions that, before she married Bungo Baggins, Bilbo's mother Belladonna Took would go on wild adventures with her two "remarkable" sisters.

I think that would be a prequel I'd be interested in seeing.

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I didn't expect plötzliches Eingeschneitwerden.

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Customers: We like your software but uh, it's got all bugs in it, can you just give us the software without the bugs in thanks

Manufacturer: We hear you! Ship faster, more features, less testing, more bugs! Coming right up!

Customers: That's literally the opposite of what we asked for.

Manufacturer: Now don't be like that. Bugs are just the cost of features. You love features!

Customers: This feature's got antennae and wings. It's leaking goo.

Manufacturer: It's a beautiful fairy. Eat it.

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It’s not AI vs people
It’s not Big Data vs people
It’s not robots vs people

It’s corporations vs people.

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Website: hey you use ad-blocking thingy
Me: damn straight
Website: mind switching it off?
Me: gfy
Website: [blocks content]
Me: uses READER VIEW in Firefox mastodon.social/media/ZNz9dx7S

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