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How I use my accounts:
@TQ ☄ is my main account. Posts in English, general stuff.
@TQ 💫 is my smol, private account. Toots auf deutsch.
@TQ ✏ is my artsy account, there I post sketches and drawings and stuff.
@TQ 🐍 is my coding account, which I use only rarely.
I also often boost posts from my "special" accounts over on my main account.
Feel free to follow or mute. ❤

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Abstract in red. I sense I might be shifting into a red phase. Don't mind it much.

Image shows an abstract painting in tones of red, complemented by violets and blues mostly. The style is my current blocky cloudy style with big color areas and slightly blurred outlines.

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Do you know how Germans say "I have to vacuum the flat?" They'd say "Ich muss die Wohnung saugen", which literally means: "I have to suck the flat."

Going to do that first. Then painting session!

I can't be the only person who wants to fav favs!

Wonder if there's a person named "Felix Navidad" somewhere out there.

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Minimizing human interaction seems to be quite the business model!
I totally get that.

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So. After I blow-dried my cold sweat, I feel like a human again.

Now I'll go paint some new paintings ppl can either buy or use as a means to contact me for scamming matters!

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Pah! I won't let this scammer spoil my day! I sold a painting, I did! 😀

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He wrote"Thank you very much, have a very merry Christmas!"
I wrote back: "The very same to you and your lawyer!"


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How is it that I have to fear to get sued if I warn other people of scammers.

Wait, don't answer. I know some reasons .
I just think none of them are good or should be lawful.

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'k, he wrote back. After he has now successfully bullied into silence, he is content.

Ah. I have a feeling I will write about this behavior on my blog. Without telling names perhaps, but clear enough!

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I hate how vage the laws are when online ratings are concerned. Did a very brief search and the results are quite mixed.

I get it, fraudulent ratings are a problem. But what about legit negative ratings, so noone else falls for a *scam*?

But yeah - I can totally see why that would piss off a *scammer*.

#law #internetLaw #internetRecht

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But now I want to start a vendetta against vanity galleries, just because. I mean, why can't I say it's a scam - when it's LITERALLY a scam!?

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I took down the negative rating - yeah, I know, I know. But I don't have time for that.
Let's see if he pursues this.

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Mh. On the downside, a vanity gallerist from italy has found my negative rating of his site. Threatens me with a lawyer, bcuse I spoke of a "scam" - what if not a scam is taking a HUGE upfront payment?! Seriously!

Oh FFS! This is just ridiculous!
Can't my mind just accept that perhaps someone really liked something I made? Honestly?!

Go away, impostor syndrome! That painting wasn't bought out of pity!

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