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When there are thunderstorms, I watch them. From my window and online: lightningmaps.org

Wenn es Gewitter gibt, schaue ich sie an. Aus dem Fenster und online: lightningmaps.org

Tried the new faux black eyepencils from nyx today. They are gorgeous! Glide on nicely, dry down smudgeproof! (ltr: midnight, blackhole, oxblood. 2nd picture: oxblood.)

Heute die neuen Faux Black Eyepencils von Nyx ausprobiert. Sie sind super! Gleiten quasi auf die Haut und trocknen wischfest! (Links nach rechts: midnight, blackhole, oxblood. 2. Foto: oxblood.) octodon.social/media/AByxFfMN2 octodon.social/media/0KXfX8CUp

The effect of mascara. (Maybelline Lash Sensational, if anyone's interested.)

Der Effekt von Mascara. (Maybelline Lash Sensational, falls es wen interessiert.) octodon.social/media/U15ifPO0F

*looks into mirror*
*strikes "bold"*
An EXISTING lipstick helps.

*guckt in den Spiegel*
*streicht "mutig"*
Ein VORHANDENER Lippenstift hilft.

But I have to say, a bold lipstick does help! XD

Aber ich muss sagen: Ein mutiger Lippenstift hilft! XD

It's not that it was compulsory, I think. It's just that I have very light eyelashes that I deemed not beautiful.

Es war kein Zwang, würde ich sagen. Ich habe nur wirklich helle Wimpern und empfand sie als unschön.

For the first time in 5? 10? However, many, many years I'm without mascara today. Strange.

Zum ersten Mal seit... 5? 10? Jedenfalls sehr vielen Jahren absichtlich (!) ohne Mascara unterwegs. Strange.

I currently enjoy SOHN - Tremors very much. Nice calm electronic pop.


Ich hör grad SOHN - Tremors sehr gerne. Schön ruhiger elektronischer Pop.

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I joined mastodon and loved the generally friendlier atmosphere (which I realize has not exactly been everybody's experience here)

But the longer I've used it, the more I've realized how much I love the freedom from ads, trackers, and feed algorithms

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An exercise in self-care: When you see someone post "you are loved"/"someone cares about you"/"you are important" - that sort of thing - think or say, explicitly, "yes, including me".

Just say it. "Yes, including me."

Here's one to get you started:

You are important. You are loved.

Now say: "Yes, including me."

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@jk Any engineer who tells you that well-written code is self-documenting has failed to understand the question: code can only tell you _what_ it is doing. It cannot tell you _why_. It cannot answer the fundamental question "what made this design the right choice, as opposed to any other implementation, based on the constraints that existed when we wrote it?" As such, even the best-written code cannot truly "self-document."

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I've been away for too long! But... Life, you know?

Ich war zu lange weg! Aber... Leben, weißtebescheid?

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Okay... I really think I need lists on Mastodon. It's unusable for me otherwise. 😕

Okeh... Ich brauche wohl wirklich Listen auf Mastodon. Sonst ist es für mich unbenutzbar. 😕

I'll sign a petition to ban pianos and violins from . Anytime.

I love the makeup, but the whole silvergrey-theme is a BIT over the top!