Wife lost her phone, she was super down and wanted to buy the cheapest one. Bought a S7 instead, because she really wanted that one. If the S8 was out I would've bought that one instead, probably.

Not sure if I'm doing this consoling thing right, haha. :D :iphone:


@RebelMoogle Shit I'd pash you in front of a priest for a free phone insurance policy.

@RebelMoogle remember when insurance was included in your plan and you didn't have to marry people in order to afford a replacement phone.

@RebelMoogle I mean it would be a huge endorsement of your phone buying skills

@Sweet_Tango_Chill hahaha, true. :D "Oh his phone buying skills are so hot, *swoon*" Is definitely something I haven't heard before. :D

@RebelMoogle I feel like we're crafting an ad for a local retailer.

@Sweet_Tango_Chill Priest, Marriage counseling and phone store in one place!

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