You shit, you imbecile there is no void! There is only the voidier void!

As someone who's been broke as fuck and addicted to smoking at the same time while not having the capacity to quit there was no way I was not having cigarettes. I never robbed anyone but I can see how you'd get there and I did buy tobacco on the black market (smuggled in and sold illegally not stolen) when I could. It's harder to quit when you're under the poverty line and pushing people by making it more expensive is going to have negative consequences like an increase in crime!

So there's been this dramatic increase in diary (superettes/corner-stores) robberies over the last few years in New Zealand and apart from many areas having major hikes in the cost of living a really obvious factor has to be the rise in taxes on cigarettes which a) has put major financial pressure on smokers unable to quit and b) has created a black market. Plus tobacco and cigarettes are always stolen. But no one is making this connection.

It's May 1st and on this day I want you all as you enjoy your meals to picture the people who suffered to bring them to your plate. And I want you to be angry that this burden is attached to your every bite, that this suffering exists with no good reason. I want you to understand that you are forced to hurt people to and very possibly be hurt to survive and that's fucking wrong.

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Can't complain when the beautiful people I worked along side, and many others like them are still suffering that exploitation. The families that left a land where they were respected and fed in the hopes of giving their children the best only to be welcomed by the grimmest face of capital. The kids, fresh from high school, failed by the education system trying to support mum at home. The others who just needed the money to survive themselves in an economy where that's the best there is.

A year and a half ago I was running all day up and down unstable ladders, carrying my weight (sometimes more) in apples, in an insecure job where I could be doing 12+ hour days or barely getting enough hours to pay my rent depending on the weather, working for free far too often. I was 20 kgs below a healthy body weight, suffering the terrible mental health consequences of choosing employment over transition. I can't really complain about my current situation.

Warning: silly girl complains about cushy office job 

I can't wait until Thursday when I can be done with this stupid under-performing Mayoral publicity stunt they've got me organising (over and above my regular workload) and I can focus on my own project. One of the reasons I was excited to work at Council was the the chance to scam knowledge and resources out of the establishment which is all well and good but ultimately useless if they use up all my additional energy on fluff.

God I remember when coffee and cigarettes were like staple meals for me, somedays they were breakfast lunch and dinner. I've come a long fucking way...

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like, the spouse and I had a pretty big fight over taxes and getting things done because of a misunderstanding, and after we cuddled and decided we both needed a shower, and things got steamy, and… child numero uno walked in. just… pushed the bathroom door and walked in.

they're used to our nudity, at least. you'd be, too. it's a fucking hot country, man! also, gwailos take off their clothes all their time around here. *we* just do it in the privacy of our own homes.

The Black Panthers built stuff and defended it, they were a constructive force for their people and they did not wait around on a pipe dream of seizing power to become that.

I want to work with the best people at making shit, I want architects, engineers, builders, software designers, hardware designers, economists, policy planners, urban designers, farmers and geographers working towards building radical new structures that empower communities to work in their own best interests.

Socialism for me is about getting together and creating the best environment for humans. It is certainly not about imposing the will of a vanguard on them, it's not about control. I leave it to the people to decide how they function in their environment because I believe given the tools we will function in our best interest. It's about making that possible again.

Bambi is a nerd who keeps thumper around for them thicc foots. 📐👁

I can't tell the difference between the weed socks and the dear hunting attire? Is bambi a foot fetishising Narc...

So yea Virginia Woolf, she's the GOAT, and you need to jump on this hype train and go read some top class literature.

That's the other thing she was probably suffering severe clinical depression too. Idk about you but minor depression rendered me next to useless but this fucking queen was just sitting at her desk churning out gold near 24/7.

Then there's her essays, holy shit, you think that essay you handed in for psych 101 was the shit, you think your fav philosobitch or 1984 toting class traitor can write an essay? bitch you don't even know what an essay is until you've read one that Woolf's depressed ass pushed out in a night.

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