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Game of Thrones spoiler 

Stolen from user remuslupinthethird on the experts level comments (that used to be on) AV Club because my god, this is too good.

Also-- whoo, how about that new Taylor Swift track? 🚮

In my usual inability to commit to anything (or rather to commit whole sale over and over and over again) I've been terrible about posting on this instance because I've been posting so much on

Still not sure I'm ready to commit to a "home" instance either here or there, but I did realize this morning that I miss my Octodontists.

Trump, swearing 

I can't believe that the republicans won't article 25 this motherfucker. It's so unbelievably transparent that this shit bag can't discharge the duties of President-- he can't even say, "OBVIOUSLY Nazis are bad." This is fucking political TEE BALL.

Daily Stormer (neo-Nazi website), Google's so-called "ban" 

Also, for reference, I was searching specifically for news on Daily Stormer and if they are planning further rallies that need to be counter-protested, not to go to their evil fucking website. Just to be crystal clear.

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Daily Stormer (neo-Nazi website), Google's so-called "ban" 

I just searched for Daily Stormer. The first result was the website. The second was an article saying Google had banned them.


It's not even 9:00 AM and I've seen someone passionately defending the existence of chemtrails on a friend's FB, so I think I'll just share this in depth article about America's obsession with conspiracy theories. (I don't agree with everything in it, but there's some good history here.)

How America Lost its Mind

Black Roman Britains and the amazing myopia of racists 

While they may have left some progeny, as Rome pulled out of Britain, they would have left just as the English left any given non-white country they "conquered" during the British Empire. Yet none of these knuckle draggers would dare say that the English had never colonized India just because the vast majority of the population remains non-white. How do they not understand this?

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Black Roman Britains and the amazing myopia of racists 

Of course, this has spawned numerous blog posts and tweet threads, but what no one has just said (and I wish they would), was that Black Roman Britains were too upper class (generals, governors, etc., brought in from elsewhere to rule over the Britains) to have stuck around when the empire collapsed. Soldiers would have been needed elsewhere and bureaucrats had to go somewhere where they could be paid.

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Black Roman Britains and the amazing myopia of racists 

So, apparently there was a kerfuffle on the birdcage where that knuckle dragging proof of our descent from lesser apes, Prison Planet, got upset about the "rewriting of history" in a BBC cartoon about Roman Britain because it showed a family with a Black father. As multiple historians argued that this wasn't a rewrite, just HISTORY, Nassim Taleb jumps in to say, "NUH UH!" based on a lack of African DNA evidence in contemporary white Britains.

"Why aren't millennials starting investment accounts and 401k accounts and buying houses and preparing in general like there will be a planet left in 50 years when they can start thinking about retiring while continuing to work until they drop dead at their desk?"

*gestures vaguely at the entire world*

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If we're going to nuclear war, might as well spend money on art to hang over the couch and plane tickets and fancy dinners.


I had a dream that 3 of the items from Alexander McQueen's Widows of Culloden collection I have coveted for years all went up on eBay at the same time and I didn't have the money for any of them. Maybe this was a dream about pinching my pennies now because something great is coming that I'll want to spend buckets of money on?

Just passed a panting dog, and his owner was a dude chatting up some girl, and I almost said, "Me, too, buddy," to the dog before I realized the people might think I was talking about them.

> ドスーン <
 ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄

Twitter / 東急ハンズ池袋店

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