Good stuff in the world 

@KevinCarson1 It's the worst when your heroes turn out to be dipshits. My really sincere condolences at this difficult time in your life.

@tcql David Clarke is the world's biggest projectionist, and I include that worthless piece of shit sitting in the White House who thinks he's great.

First day off (sort of) after working for like 2 straight weeks and I'm spending it going to look at a sofa I might eventually purchase, but not for awhile.

Something that infuriates me is when a guy tries to use his cliched masculine "charm" on me and is so completely disinterested and unaware of the women he submits to this that even getting straight up dismissive doesn't get him to turn down the gratuitous smarminess.

Reason #2047195820 that I love Mastodon-- my entire TL is not just clogged with Apple stuff today like it would have been on Twitter.

Cool job posting (not mine) 



don't get me wrong, i'm not saying conservatism is bad

it's is more of a social cancer reproducing itself until tragedy, egoistically and jealously crushing every single thing trying to be better or different, and responsible for nearly everything wrong in the world. some vestigial inhuman instinct some people have a hard time handling.

Body stuff, gross, as bodies are 

Body stuff, gross, as bodies are 

A friend of mine teaching a playwriting class posted this from their textbook and I love it.

@CobaltVelvet After working in the arts in New York for a decade, I'm almost inclined to agree... but most of the talented, shitty people are cis white men with money, and are thus pretty well protected from discovery of theft or hackery, because no one is doing the investigating on the presumption that they're just Geniuses, Actually.

I never thought I would say this, but I am so glad that the summer rush seems to be over and work is finally slowing back down. I am so much better at my job when I have the time and attention capacity to dedicate to clients instead of juggling 7 at once.

@sydneyfalk @tcql "Hey, comrade, can you draw 4 for me? I can't reach the card pile from here and you're sitting closer to it. From each according to their ability, to each according to their need, right?"

@sydneyfalk @tcql I think you should show up to game night in a Che beret.

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