Body stuff, gross, as bodies are 

Solution: impromptu sock and hair tie mittens so I don't scratch in my sleep. 😎

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A friend of mine teaching a playwriting class posted this from their textbook and I love it.

Game of Thrones spoiler 

Stolen from user remuslupinthethird on the experts level comments (that used to be on) AV Club because my god, this is too good.

Daily Stormer (neo-Nazi website), Google's so-called "ban" 

I just searched for Daily Stormer. The first result was the website. The second was an article saying Google had banned them.


‪We need to talk about how rad it is that my neighborhood pharmacy carries a variety of colognes ‬for spellwork.

I clean up my inbox every single evening before going to sleep. I took ONE day off of work entirely yesterday. LOL. Late stage capitalism. 😂😭

Work stuff 

My feeling when a client who thought I was lying to her that apartments she wanted were no longer available reaches back out after 3 weeks:

For instance, Chester has NEVER been all that affectionate to me, yet is currently sitting on the electric piano next to my desk like we're best mates.

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And that's my work day done in the hottest fucking day I've ever spent working outside for 12 hours.

Sex work, metal, fashion 

Usually, it's a song that makes me wish it had come out while I was stripping my way to grad school, but today, it is a Slayer string bikini. This would have looked amazing with my multi-buckle platform boots.

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