A friend of mine teaching a playwriting class posted this from their textbook and I love it.

@SuzanEraslan There's a lot of truth to this in many disciplines, including in business. A failure of thinking from modern accounting is that if you can /account/ for income on an hourly basis, then any time you're failing to bring in billables represents a business failure. By that metric, the time a major-league sportsball team isn't sportsballing in front of fans (or more remuneratively: cameras) is wasted. But that's /creating potential/ for the revenue-building capabilities.

@SuzanEraslan Art and creative ventures are far more fraught than that even. The high-impact works are few and far between. I look to see which of my own posts do or do not catch fire -- it's only a handful (and I'm at a loss to predict which). But the practice both creates more opportunities /and/ hones (I very much hope) my skills and knowledge.


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