If we're going to nuclear war, might as well spend money on art to hang over the couch and plane tickets and fancy dinners.

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"Why aren't millennials starting investment accounts and 401k accounts and buying houses and preparing in general like there will be a planet left in 50 years when they can start thinking about retiring while continuing to work until they drop dead at their desk?"

*gestures vaguely at the entire world*

@SuzanEraslan Honestly, I'd skip the plane tickets in the event of a nuclear war.

@filkerdave I'm not going west, though, and I'm in New York. Figure going east from here would put me in a solidly better position?

@SuzanEraslan Well, yes and no. Here in the NY metro area (I'm out on Long Island) we're basically in the first strike zone anyway, and flying is going to suck if there's a war.

OTOH, if you want to go somewhere just for the fun of it, that's always worth it. And art is always worth it. Food for the soul.

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