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We find asteroids by taking several pictures of the same point in space several minutes/hours apart. Gif is motion of Pallas over one hour.

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@jason It also ends up killing other dogs. The way this dog is being raised, the first little dog that screams at him will die. I'm scared to take Lucía out because she was so horribly abused before I adopted her that she screams at all other dogs... and I've been clawed to shit holding her away from a bigger dog who was off leash. I'd get way more hurt by a playful pit who didn't know any gentleness.

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BIG QUESTION: Whatever happened to grown-ups

I mean seriously. Where did they go. WHERE DID ALL THE GROWN-UPS GO

Me: Can you do Thursday?
Person: Thursday is fine but if you can do earlier that would be better.
Me: *looks at calendar: Wednesday. looks at time: 6:11 PM.* *internalized screaming*

Ugh, there is a dude in my building with a pitbull he is totally not training and actually using borderline abusive behavior to "control," while letting her off leash the second she gets into our building. This is bad news bears for the other, smaller, bitchier dogs (like mine) who think they aren't scared of dogs 5-10x their size...

I am so slammed with work right now that I bought a chicken the other day to make for my dog's food (she has to eat ONLY chicken and rice because of her delicate constitution) and I had to put a giant 3 hour "appointment" in my calendar in a weird color reading "BOIL THE CHICKEN!" so I would actually remember to do it.

@Elizafox @tcql Siiiigh, I thought we'd avoided the tankies over here, but it seems like the last wave brought them in.

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Didn't get polio again today! SO LIT!

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Banging Mexican Institute of Sound's Politico album this morning.

Good morning! Guess who overslept today? If you guessed me, you win!

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Watching a 1927 silent film for a project I'm working on, and wow does it make me want to pluck my eyebrows to pencil lines.

Am I being a bad queer if I take my first day off in 3 weeks on pride Sunday and just nap and read all day...?

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