Good stuff in the world 

A friend of mine started a Gofundme to raise the $ to legally change her name and gender designation in her state on Friday afternoon. By yesterday evening, 8 of her friends had raised the whole thing. Granted, it wasn't the amount of money one needs to have cancer treatment or anything, but that 8 people could quickly make the life of one of our friend's easier and safer in this political climate gives me hope.

First day off (sort of) after working for like 2 straight weeks and I'm spending it going to look at a sofa I might eventually purchase, but not for awhile.

Something that infuriates me is when a guy tries to use his cliched masculine "charm" on me and is so completely disinterested and unaware of the women he submits to this that even getting straight up dismissive doesn't get him to turn down the gratuitous smarminess.

Reason #2047195820 that I love Mastodon-- my entire TL is not just clogged with Apple stuff today like it would have been on Twitter.

Cool job posting (not mine) 

Apparently, the Mary Sue is hiring an assistant editor. I feel like there are probably, oh, a thousand people on here who would be great for this job. Doesn't indicate pay but might be worth checking out.


Night number... oh, hell, 19? in the past 3 weeks of insomnia. I just want to get back on a good sleep track and this is the worst it's been in over a year. And please don't offer advice-- whatever you offer, I've tried it three dozen times, believe me.

don't get me wrong, i'm not saying conservatism is bad

it's is more of a social cancer reproducing itself until tragedy, egoistically and jealously crushing every single thing trying to be better or different, and responsible for nearly everything wrong in the world. some vestigial inhuman instinct some people have a hard time handling.

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Body stuff, gross, as bodies are 

Solution: impromptu sock and hair tie mittens so I don't scratch in my sleep. 😎

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Body stuff, gross, as bodies are 

The tattoo I got reinked on Friday has started the itching and shedding layers of skin and ink stage and I am going out of my head trying not to scratch.

A friend of mine teaching a playwriting class posted this from their textbook and I love it.

I never thought I would say this, but I am so glad that the summer rush seems to be over and work is finally slowing back down. I am so much better at my job when I have the time and attention capacity to dedicate to clients instead of juggling 7 at once.

Now I just wish I had the money and the time to get my new tattoo that I've wanted for awhile, but that's a WHOLE lot of investment and consultations and stuff.

Of all the expenses of going to a good friend's wedding, realizing I need to get a tattoo reinked because it's 17 years old, the red has faded, and it will show while I'm in my dress is the most unexpected and exciting.

An older gentleman on the street just told me I had a nice dress, and when I said thank you, he said, "You look like one of those... PowerPUFF Girls," emphasis on the puff, and then punched the air twice.

Old lesbian holding a neon running shoe: is this a men's shoe or a women's shoe?

Me, thinking: anyone can fuck this shoe if they want

What to do in Cornwall? 

After a polling of Octodontists a few months ago, I've become totally obsessed with going to Cornwall, and I'm trying to go in October (for Halloween at the Witchcraft Museum!). Anyone have any Cornwall recommendations they want to throw at me?

Current level of tired: I was momentarily disappointed that the restaurant forgot to pack chopsticks when my delivery came until I remembered I ordered Indian food. 🤦🏼‍♀️

macron: i promise absolutely nothing. i stand for whatever gets my party into power.

French electorate: surely this man is different from the rest

macron: *is a dick*

French electorate: incroyable

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