In Super Mario 64 DS, the painting for Tall, Tall Mountain provides a hint for the location of the course's secret slide. Looking very closely, the entrance appears completely white in the painting (left, circled) while it is masked to blend in with the rock wall in-game (right).

Takashi Tezuka, director and designer of Super Mario Bros. 3, drawing concept art for what would eventually become Super Mario's standing sprite in the game, in 1987. A zoomed-in version of the drawing and the sprite are provided for comparison.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, if Bowser picks up a Smash Ball and then performs a backwards double jump, the Smash Ball-specific texture of his eyes will detach from his actual eyes, resulting in an additional pair of eyes floating above the shell (indicated with red arrows).

Mural on an unauthorized Mario-themed ride at the 2009 Florida State Fair, with close-up. The "ML" on Mario's and Luigi's caps stands for the ride's name, "Mario Land".

On extremely rare occasions in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, the golf ball may briefly turn into a tiny Boo. Due to the rarity of the event, it is currently unknown if this requires special conditions to occur or whether it is entirely random.

When Mario obtains a Big Mushroom in Super Mario Maker 2, he assumes his Small Mario sprite with modern coloration (top). However, when the same sprite is used on the Endless Challenge map screen, one of his overall buttons is white instead of yellow (bottom, button circled).

The Metal Box trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U claims it appeared in Super Mario 64 DS (bottom left corner). However, all instances of Metal Boxes in Super Mario 64 (top right) were replaced with red ? Blocks in Super Mario 64 DS (bottom right), making this incorrect.

The earliest officially licensed Magikoopa toy, released in Japan in 1990. Unlike all later Magikoopa/Kamek merchandise, this one has a fully removable robe.

In Yoshi's Island, taking damage on the same frame as finishing a level causes Baby Mario to not be correctly relayed to the next Yoshi. The game will soft-lock as the left Yoshi will continue to cheer while the right Yoshi is stuck looking at Baby Mario's bubble indefinitely.

Due to sprites in character models in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door being layered with small amounts of empty space between them, with precise positioning Mario can hit NPCs and party members with his hammer in such a way that it passes between their individual layers.

The 2013 North American commercial for Super Mario 3D World used live-action cat suits created by costume company KCL Productions. Here is the concept art sketch for the suit (left) and a behind-the-scenes photo of the costume artist wearing the suit's head (right).

Due to concerns around spoilers in a post containing end-game details for Luigi's Mansion 3, the post has been deleted. I am now introducing a no-spoilers policy whereby I will not post plot-relevant content for games within 2 months of release. I apologize to everyone affected.

In the cutscene before the final boss battle in Luigi's Mansion 3, one of Princess Peach's animations moves her torso downward while her head remains in the same place, causing her neck to extend to roughly twice its usual length.

I discovered what I believe to be an undocumented glitch in Super Mario Maker 2 that allows any course to be loaded with comments from any other course, effectively "transplanting" the comments. Details below. Please let me know of any previous documentation for proper crediting.

In Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, one area of Stardust Fields is called "Area 64" (left), in reference to the Nintendo 64. However, in the Japanese version, it is instead called "Area 51" (right), referencing the famous classified US Air Force facility.

After Pinna Park is unlocked in Super Mario Sunshine, Yellow Toad is missing from Delfino Plaza. He is still present in the sewers, out of bounds, with a unique message. As he is standing on the death plane, Mario dies while talking to Yellow Toad, as seen in the screenshot.

Correction to the previous Tweet: I had mistakenly claimed it is Mario who is 3D in NSMBU and 2D in Super Mario Maker 2; it is in fact the goal pole itself that is 3D on the left and 2D on the right. I apologize for the error. Thank you to everyone who offered corrections.

In New Super Mario Bros. U, Mario is a 3D model, enabling him to grip the goal pole properly (left). However, in the NSMBU style of Super Mario Maker 2 (right), he is a 2D sprite, leading to him merely being overlaid over it (note both his hands and legs being in front of it).

With the release of Luigi's Mansion 3, the Mario, Wario and Luigi sub-franchises all featured games where the most common/basic enemy had a name starting with "Goo" (Goomba, Goom, Goob). How much of this is an intentional reference and how much is coincidence is unknown.

In a room in Bowser's Castle in Paper Mario, Goombario suggests there may be an attack item hidden in the room. However, there are no items of any kind in the room. As all of his other hints of this kind are correct, this can mislead players into wasting their time searching.

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