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Since this account is an automated mirror of a Twitter account, a visual description to the images posted cannot be provided. I'll try to find solutions for this in the future, until then, I deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

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SupperMarioBroth veracity policy 1/3

All content posted by SupperMarioBroth is intended to be factual information about the Mario series and related works. Every post is verified to the best of SupperMarioBroth's ability. If it cannot be verified, it is not submitted.

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SupperMarioBroth veracity policy 2/3

For all images, the original source is provided either as a line of text within the image, or as a link in the description. In cases where the source is SupperMarioBroth themselves, additional information about how the image was obtained is included.

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SupperMarioBroth veracity policy 3/3

If you notice an error in any of the post, please contact SupperMarioBroth on Twitter with direct messages with your correction.

Please DO NOT mention or DM this account, as it is an automated mirror of the @MarioBrothBlog account on Twitter.

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This unofficial mirror account is made with authorization of the Supper Mario Broth team, however, it is not endorsed and managed by them.

A 2010 article from Edge Magazine that called the Mario franchise "the Citizen Kane of gaming" included three illustrations of shots from the 1941 movie Citizen Kane altered to be Mario-related (top row). The original shots are included in the bottom row for comparison.

In Super Mario Odyssey, the Metro Kingdom is filled with NPCs that are only visible from far away, but dissolve and finally unload when he gets closer to conserve resources. Sometimes they are grouped with regular NPCs, resulting in scenarios like the one in the image below.

The US version of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga cannot properly handle if the sum of all damage dealt to some bosses in a turn exceeds 5000 (possible at very high levels). For example, doing it to Hermie III causes him to explode while leaving his claws behind, freezing the game.

In the Super Mario Maker series, Winged Stretches switch between the upper and lower side of platforms. The time they take to switch depends on how many blocks of ground they must travel through. This can be used to surprise the player by placing them under very tall platforms.

In the final battle in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Kersti turns into a sticker and warns Mario not to sell her at a shop. Normally, this is impossible; however, modifying the code to take Kersti to a shop, it is revealed that a set price is coded for her: she is worth 15 coins.

In light of the recent news that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are being postponed until 2021, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 now has the unique distinction of being based on an alternate version of a real-life event that will not happen in the form depicted in the game.

In Super Mario Sunshine, if Mario's hat is stolen in Pinna Park, he will take damage from the heat, even during conversations. Talking to the Great Sunflower during this can lead to an ironic scene of Mario dying from sun stroke while being told the sunshine "feels lovely".

On the left is the Boo model from Mario Party 5, which uses proportions that have been standard for Boos since 2002. On the right is an unused early Boo model from that game's data with a more original art style, giving the Boo a much smaller face.

In Super Mario Bros. 3/Super Mario All-Stars, the sides of Frog Mario's hitbox allow him to stand on Donut Blocks without causing them to fall. Here, the Donut Block directly under Frog Mario falls, but he hangs on to the next one, allowing him to sit in mid-air indefinitely.

According to a 2015 interview in Edge Magazine, renowned skateboarder Tony Hawk's favorite video game outside of his own series of skating games is Super Mario 64, and it has had an influence on the design of the Tony Hawk games.

To promote the release of Sonic Advance 2 in 2002, Nintendo and Sega hired actors to appear around London in Mario and Sonic mascot costumes performing "friend activities", such as eating together, to show the partnership between the two companies.

In Mario Kart: Double Dash, there is a smooth transition between the rocky and grassy parts of the slope on the DK Mountain track (left). However, in Mario Kart Wii's version of it, this was not included, resulting in the border between the textures becoming very abrupt (right).

Unique high-resolution Super Mario RPG render of Mario from the back, exclusive to a 1995 Mario-themed special issue of the Japanese Family Computer Magazine.

Artwork of Mario with humorous captions, signed by Shigeru Miyamoto and published in the various Latin American editions of the Club Nintendo magazine in 1993, alongside of a photo of him during the signing.

In Super Paper Mario, the decorative clock in Merlee's Mansion in Chapter 2-3 displays the Wii system time (shown here at different times of day). Since the clock has no in-game purpose and is visually similar to other decorations, this is likely to be overlooked during gameplay.

A 1990 BBC documentary shows a scene from the level design process of Super Mario Bros. 3. The end of World 7-Airship is shown with two cannons (left), then a designer removes them (middle). This decision persisted into the finished version (right), which also has no cannons.

A 1998 issue of the German Club Nintendo magazine included a Yoshi horoscope section that depicted the twelve signs of the zodiac using edited Yoshi's Story artwork. Here are all the illustrations in isolated form.

1996 promotional Donkey Kong sound plush, only given away in select Nintendo of Japan contests and never sold in stores. When squeezed, the plush plays the chest-beating sound that Donkey Kong makes when left idle in Donkey Kong Country.

Characters in Super Mario Galaxy have low, middle and high-quality models, arranged here from left to right. Luigi's middle-quality model has multiple versions of parts of his body loaded simultaneously, resulting in his hands and mouth appearing deformed (middle).

In Super Mario World, if Mario slides down a slope into a trampoline, he will be launched upward while still in his sitting position. As Cape Mario, he can glide down for a significant amount of time while appearing to sit in mid-air.

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