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Artwork from a 2002 website for a Super Mario Sunshine promotional campaign at Best Buy.

In Mario Party Advance, Dorrie has a unique sad expression that appears for only one frame if visited with anyone other than Yoshi. After complaining about being lonely, Dorrie will assume the expression right before the final letter in the word "friend" appears in the text box.

In 2013, Nintendo of America hired hand shadow performer Drew Colby to create a shadow-based commercial for Super Mario 3D World. Alongside the commercial, Nintendo published a guide on how to produce shadows of objects from the game.

Header graphic used for the official Nintendo of Japan website for most of 1996, featuring artwork of Wing Mario from Super Mario 64.

One of the clearest available images of the pre-release version of Mario's sprite from Super Mario RPG, found in the British Edge magazine (left), compared to the sprite from the finished game (right).

Front and back of a medallion awarded for outstanding service, issued by the US Navy in 2010. The medallion features designs of Mario- and Luigi-like characters in Navy uniforms and inspirational messages.

In Super Mario Sunshine, during some missions, trees will grow when certain spots are cleared of Goop. If the camera is turned away as the tree appears, it will not grow to its full size, instead stopping when it is still small, as in the screenshot.

In Super Mario Odyssey, Princess Peach is seen in every kingdom after the end of the game, going on a trip with Tiara. The Art of Super Mario Odyssey book reveals there was a concept for Bowser to take such a trip as well, to ease his heartbreak after being rejected by Peach.

New Super Mario Bros. contains code for a "Chain Cerberus", multiple Chain Chomps attached to the same post. Instead of being merely unused, the code is designated forbidden since the game deliberately executes a game-crashing function called OS_PANIC when it is loaded.

In Super Mario 64, an oversight in the code results in the texture for one of the Scuttlebug enemy's eyes being mirrored along the wrong axis, giving it a lopsided appearance (left). By loading the model correctly, we can see what the eyes were intended to look like (right).

In the intro to the "Pirates" minigame in Game & Wario, a wide shot of Diamond City is shown for 2 seconds. During this, near the bottom left corner, the Reporter and Wrestler from the "Ringside" minigame in Rhythm Heaven Fever can be seen.

Mario Party 8 contains an unused model of the Fun Bazaar minigame wagon with a picture of humans on the TV (left). This is actually a photo of a 2005 cosplay event in Japan (right), which was likely taken from a private blog and not intended to be used in the finished game.

1981 concept art sketch for the Donkey Kong arcade, drawn by Shigeru Miyamoto, showing Mario being hit with a barrel from behind. This was shown exclusively in a Discovery Channel documentary on the history of video games.

Landing in this spot of Ghostly Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy (top left), then looking back at the mansion using first-person view (bottom left) shows a unique model for the mansion that has a high-quality top half and a low-quality bottom half (shown from several angles).

In Luigi's Mansion 3, whenever the Strobulb is used on ghosts, the light in their eyes shrinks for three frames. Ghosts are usually too far away from the camera for this to be noticeable; however, it is possible to use the Strobulb during certain cutscenes, making it visible.

During normal gameplay, the sign above Mario's house in Paper Mario reads "Mario". During the credits, this changes to "Mario's"; however, the texture is cut off; extracting it from the data shows the full texture reads "Mario's L". It is unclear what the L could stand for.

The Nintendo World Championships 1990 were conducted using a custom NES cartridge containing minigames based on, among others, Super Mario Bros. This is one of the few known surviving cartridges that was recently auctioned; due to their rarity, they are valued at over $5000 each.

In the Mario Classic Court in Mario Power Tennis, Fighter Flies appear as 2D sprites from the Mario Bros. arcade (top left). In the data is an unused 3D model for the Fighter Fly (right), which would have been its only 3D appearance. It is based on its GBA design (bottom left).

In Super Mario Maker, a variety of hands and animal paws can be chosen as a cursor. The white cat paw has an Easter egg: during the Gnat Attack minigame, its claws will extend when tapping flies. No other large cursor, including the grey cat paw, has such an alternate form.

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