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Mario, Wario, Yoshi and Donkey Kong each have their own franchises within a larger Mario-related body of work. Games exist that are named after each of these characters; coincidentally, none of them are playable in the games that are named after them.

One of a set of educational Mario quiz cards, depicting Luigi as illiterate.

Lenticular licensed Super Mario World ruler from Japan depicting a sequence where Mario throws a Koopa shell and Bowser catches it and retrieves it. In the final frame of the animation, visible in the bottom right, Bowser is shown laughing while crying.

In the German Club Nintendo comic special for Yoshi's Island, the red Yoshi is given a name: Netty. While the name "Netty" appears multiple times in different comics as a running gag, this is nevertheless one of the rare occasions where a Yoshi character is given a name.

In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, there is a fountain with a statue of Princess Peach outside Toad Town (left). In the game's data, an unused alternate version of the fountain can be found, depicting Peach as a mermaid instead (right).

Art Academy for the Nintendo DS contains a drawing of a plush Yoshi in the lower right portion of its cover. Here is a high-resolution scan of the drawing. Despite being featured on the cover, it does not appear in the game.

Original Thwomp design found on Super Mario 64 trading cards from a Kellogg's/Nintendo cross-promotion.

Early title screen and logo for Wario: Master of Disguise (known during development as "Wario Ark"), found in the game's debug menu, accessible by modifying the code.

In Super Mario Sunshine, jumping off Yoshi after he touches a fruit with his tongue, but before he swallows it, results in the fruit remaining suspended in mid-air. The fruit is completely intangible and Mario will be able to pass through it in the manner depicted.

In the background of Level 7-1, "Foggy Fumes", in Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mr. Game & Watch can be seen hitting a pipe with a hammer. Below are the sprites used for him, extracted from the game's data.

One of the pieces of concept art for Bully Koopa/Roy Koopa for the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon depicts him smoking a cigarette.

American Yoshi Egg (captioned "Big Easter Egg") from the official Nintendo Power guide for Mario Paint.

In the Bonus Mode of Mario Party 5, Boo is playable in the Ice Hockey minigame. All characters playable in that minigame wear ice skates; however, due to Boo having no shoes to attach the skates to, they are just two blades floating under him.

Promotional photograph of Shigeru Miyamoto with a Donkey Kong and a Mario amiibo, from Edge Magazine.

Unused early Big Boo sprite found in the data of Super Princess Peach. Due to only a sprite with a happy expression being present, this could possibly be a scrapped "Glad Big Boo" species. In the finished game, all Big Boos are non-emotional Big Boos or Mad Big Boos.

Illustration of Mario petting a cat from a Nintendo patent application (US20080070682A1) for "systems and methods for providing educational games for use by young children".

Top: cartridge art for an unauthorized copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Famicom. The artwork is an edited version of the Japanese box art (bottom left) with Mario being replaced by a Blooper wearing a wizard hat. A close-up of the Blooper is provided in the bottom right.

In Super Mario Odyssey, the Hot Spring Island checkpoint flag in the Seaside Kingdom and the bush next to it have two shadows each: one correctly displayed next to them, and another on the bottom of the hot spring.

In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Luigi can reach one of three sizes upon completing the Snack Basket special attack. At the smallest size, the "L" on his hat is missing, with the emblem being blank.

Illustration of Mario in his Satellaview space suit (most recently seen in Super Mario Odyssey) from the British SuperPlay magazine. Why it was chosen to promote the Nintendo 64, which did not support Satellaview, in a country where Satellaview was never available, is unknown.

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