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Since this account is an automated mirror of a Twitter account, a visual description to the images posted cannot be provided. I'll try to find solutions for this in the future, until then, I deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

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SupperMarioBroth veracity policy 1/3

All content posted by SupperMarioBroth is intended to be factual information about the Mario series and related works. Every post is verified to the best of SupperMarioBroth's ability. If it cannot be verified, it is not submitted.

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SupperMarioBroth veracity policy 2/3

For all images, the original source is provided either as a line of text within the image, or as a link in the description. In cases where the source is SupperMarioBroth themselves, additional information about how the image was obtained is included.

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If you notice an error in any of the post, please contact SupperMarioBroth on Twitter with direct messages with your correction.

Please DO NOT mention or DM this account, as it is an automated mirror of the @MarioBrothBlog account on Twitter.

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This unofficial mirror account is made with authorization of the Supper Mario Broth team, however, it is not endorsed and managed by them.

The data for Super Mario Maker 2 contains graphics for a currently unused blue block, resembling the SMB3 Castle theme ground block. Due to having graphics for different styles and times of day, it is unlikely to be merely a placeholder and may be introduced in a future update.

A small detail in Mario Kart 8/Deluxe that is very hard to see in-game: while other tires are branded with "Mario Kart" or "Mario Motors", the Cushion Tires are branded with "Lemmy's", a reference to both the Lemmy's Tire Service signs on many tracks and to his circus aesthetic.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, if Yoshi stands very close to the large fruit in Yoshi Star Galaxy when eating it (top left), he can jump into the Launch Star that appears after with the fruit still in his mouth, resulting in him keeping his eating model for the Launch Star cutscene.

Regarding a recent post about merchandise spelling Yoshi's name as "Yussy": thanks to the efforts of @LaserBlade and @ramenku, it was determined that the item was not officially licensed. The post has been deleted. I apologize for using unreliable sources to create the post.

While it is not uncommon for Japanese merchandise to romanize Yoshi's name as "Yossy", a 1992 set of officially licensed Yoshi's Cookie boxes took an even greater liberty with the spelling and romanized it as "Yussy".

In Super Mario Maker 2, the unlockable Super Hammer allows the characters to produce crates. If Luigi enters a Clear Pipe while holding his crate facing left, it will display correctly. However, facing right, one of the L emblems - but not the entire model - will be mirrored.

The 1982 officially licensed Donkey Kong Coloring and Activity Book depicts Pauline as being a popular singer and performing on a stage, 35 years before this characterization is used in Super Mario Odyssey.

In Super Mario Galaxy, Kamella's wand has a reflection not used by any other object in the game (left). Looking very closely at the orb, we can see it is actually reflecting the Nintendo GameCube logo (top right). Extracting the texture from the data confirms this (bottom right).

Early 1985 promotional Super Mario Bros. sticker from Japan. Due to being released concurrently with the game, the drawings were made before the box art designs were finalized and thus use designs more closely based on the in-game sprites, like this Princess Peach design.

In almost all depictions of Bullet Bills they are shown to either be angry or grinning maliciously whenever they have visible mouths. The licensed 1989 coloring book "Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Sticker Fun" contains a rare instance of a Bullet Bill with a happy expression.

In Super Mario Odyssey, Tostarenans are never seen without their ponchos that obscure the shape of their bodies. With a model editor, we can see what their bodies would look like without the ponchos. Note that they have no necks; the skull is simply floating above the torso.

Official artwork depicting an unused scene from the "Nintendo Switch Parental Controls" video featuring Bowser and Bowser Jr. While the original video was published in January 2017, this image was uploaded to the official Nintendo of Japan website only in November 2018.

BS Super Mario Collection is an enhanced port of Super Mario All-Stars for the Japan-exclusive Satellaview peripheral. In the Super Mario Bros. 3 section, the Toad Houses were redesigned from a playable screen into a dialogue window, using these unique Toad dialogue portraits.

In the VS. COM mode of the SNES version of Wario's Woods, every character has their name written normally, including both Toad and all opponents, with the exception of Wario, whose name is in all caps.

In Super Mario Maker 2, it is possible to permanently add more power-up options to the menu that is displayed when the playable character is tapped in the Course Maker mode, by dragging one of the wearable shells onto the character while still in the editor. Details below.

Design concepts for Nabbit seen in the 2014 Nintendo company guide. Unfortunately, two of the sketches are obscured by official art for a Super Acorn.

Multiple versions of very similar unlicensed Wario minifigures dual wielding different weapons exist made by different companies. The JLB version (left) features Wario with two scimitars, while the SLtoys "Super Maric Blocks" (right) features Wario with two daggers.

Version 3.0.4 of Super Mario Run, released 9 months after the game's launch, added Small Yoshi as Yoshi's form after taking damage, similar to Small Mario. This is to date the only appearance of Small Yoshi, as usually Baby Yoshi is used whenever a small form of Yoshi is needed.

In the Super Mario Maker games, a Boo attached to a ground tile becomes a Stretch. While they did not react to Mario in the first game, in Super Mario Maker 2, the Ground theme adds special behavior at night where they stop when Mario looks at them. New unique sprites were added.

In Super Mario World, entering Star World 3 with Yoshi and following any three moving objects to the goal (left) will result in the Lakitu suddenly vanishing (right) due to the game running out of sprite memory. While normally Lakitu respawns, it never returns in this scenario.

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