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Luigi's Mansion contains a model for an unused playable version of Mario. A barely visible irregularity on one side of his mustache is, upon closer inspection, revealed to be a triangular hole. As the model is otherwise complete, the reason for the missing polygon is unknown.

The first production run of the licensed World of Nintendo Mario series figurines had quality issues such as typos on the packaging and miscategorized figurines; seen here with an Ice Luigi figurine sold as "Fire Mario". These issues were fixed in later runs starting with 2015.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, nothing can prevent CPU opponents from participating in microgames on the WarioWare, Inc. stage. Even ordering them to not move in Training Mode (left) will cause them to ignore this setting to play the microgames (right).

The demo version of Mario Kart: Double Dash, released on a multi-game demo disc, contained data for "Reverse Cup" trophies, which have a unique symbol and upside-down design. In the finished game, this is replaced with the Mirror Mode, which does not have unique trophy designs.

In the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 3, the Fire Flower has eyes under nearly all circumstances. However, receiving a Fire Flower from a Toad House briefly shows it with its eyes missing. It is the only object that changes its appearance in this manner.

In Super Mario Maker 2, it is possible to create an invisible barrier on a slope that certain enemies (Wigglers, Goombrats, Spike Tops) cannot cross, by hiding a Mushroom Platform inside the slope in the manner shown in the footage.

In almost all 3D games, Birdo's eyelids are always partially closed, with the eyes never opening wider than the example on the left. The only time Birdo's eyes were ever fully open in a 3D appearance is in a shocked animation used in Fortune Street (middle and right).

At release, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate contained a glitch whereby jumping as Bowser with both Superspicy Curry and a Screw Attack active would cause him to assume a T-pose while facing away from the screen, in addition to deforming his feet. This has been patched in Version 3.0.

In Chapter 5 of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the S.S. Flavion is attacked by ghosts, causing the crew to panic (left). Two of the crew members (the innkeeper and one sailor) are not programmed to have a panicked expression and thus continue smiling during this scene.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, whenever Luigi throws an item downward while in mid-air (left), his nose briefly elongates. This is a result of the code mistakenly applying Mario's animation data to Luigi's model for a few frames.

In the data of Paper Mario, there is unused functionality to have Mario's "boots" entry in the pause menu display as "none" (left). While this does not prevent him from jumping in the overworld, the "Jump" command becomes greyed-out and unusable in combat (right).

Waluigi is the only major human Mario franchise character to have been portrayed by the same voice actor since his creation: Charles Martinet.

The Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey (left) is a reference to the 1972 sci-fi film Silent Running (right). Both take place in a greenhouse inside a glass biodome, and the Steam Gardeners' shapes and colors resemble the gardening robots from the movie.

Statues of Mario and Toad at Kansai International Airport in Japan. The Nintendo Switch Toad is holding is not a prop, but an actual console; thus, the characters' in-universe size can be inferred through comparison with the Switch (which is 24 cm, or 9.45 inches, across).

In Super Mario Odyssey, a glitch causes Cappy to turn invisible if Mario kicks an object after catching Cappy thrice in a row. However, Cappy's eyes will still remain. With the Swim Goggles equipped, this causes the eyes to appear in front of Mario's eyes in the manner depicted.

The 1986 Japanese choose-your-own-adventure book "Another Romance of Super Mario Bros." is unique in that a license was obtained only for Mario himself, but not for any other elements of the franchise; leading to him starring in a story with original medieval fantasy characters.

Production photo of a factory worker checking whether Super Mario Bros. 3 cartridges will start in a Famicom. In 1988, every manufactured copy of a Nintendo game was still tested manually for errors. The worker is using both hands to operate two Famicoms for maximum efficiency.

The subtitle in the logo for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is written in Times New Roman. Since serif typefaces are uncommon for Mario franchise logos, and Times New Roman is not used in any other Mario game logo, it is possible this was a deliberate joke on the word "time".

Unlike in other 3D Mario games, the model for Peach's crown in Super Mario Sunshine is shaped like a spike that is embedded in her head. Left: the crown separated from Peach's body. Right: wireframe view showing the crown's spike inside Peach's head during gameplay.

A graphical glitch occurs in Super Mario World whenever the player goes down a Warp Pipe while Yoshi eats a power-up. The effects include Yoshi having a pained expression, Yoshi's neck appearing broken, and Yoshi's tongue extending out of his nose. Details in image.

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