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Since this account is an automated mirror of a Twitter account, a visual description to the images posted cannot be provided. I'll try to find solutions for this in the future, until then, I deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

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SupperMarioBroth veracity policy 1/3

All content posted by SupperMarioBroth is intended to be factual information about the Mario series and related works. Every post is verified to the best of SupperMarioBroth's ability. If it cannot be verified, it is not submitted.

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SupperMarioBroth veracity policy 2/3

For all images, the original source is provided either as a line of text within the image, or as a link in the description. In cases where the source is SupperMarioBroth themselves, additional information about how the image was obtained is included.

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SupperMarioBroth veracity policy 3/3

If you notice an error in any of the post, please contact SupperMarioBroth on Twitter with direct messages with your correction.

Please DO NOT mention or DM this account, as it is an automated mirror of the @MarioBrothBlog account on Twitter.

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This unofficial mirror account is made with authorization of the Supper Mario Broth team, however, it is not endorsed and managed by them.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe added a period after "Nintendo" in the copyright line compared to the original. Note that it is not standard Nintendo policy to add the period; thus, this was a deliberate decision, possibly to indicate the game will never be updated any further.

In World 4-2 of Super Mario Bros., it is possible to spawn more moving sprites than the engine can handle (left). This will cause a column of tiles in the level to be overwritten with zeroes, including the HUD, changing Mario's name into "M0rio" (right, note name in top left).

In a 2017 interview, Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that the Tox Box enemy from Super Mario 64 (left) is "one of his masterpieces" due to its easily understood design.

Last year, I attempted to get a closer look at the unique Snailicorn enemy from New Super Mario Bros. by increasing the game's internal resolution. Now, thanks to Models Resource member "lemurboy12", the model has been extracted, allowing us to finally see it from all sides.

Both Mario and Luigi have had models where their legs have been adjusted to the other brother's length. From left to right: regular Mario, Luigi-legged Mario (unused model in Luigi's Mansion data), Mario-legged Luigi (playable Luigi from Super Mario Galaxy), regular Luigi.

In the Super Mario Maker games, putting a Piranha Plant on a pipe instead of inside it will result in it not retreating. Then, putting a Muncher inside that pipe will make it move the Piranha Plant as it extends, allowing the Piranha Plant to have longer reach than usual.

The Shogun Studios area in Paper Mario: The Origami King is based on a real-world Japanese theme park called Edo Wonderland, with some explicit references like the Japanese name or the House of Tricky Ninjas. Details in image.

Badge worn by Nintendo employees at the 1994 Summer Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago to promote Donkey Kong Country. Due to an inaccurate manufacturing process, Donkey Kong's eyes appear to be looking in different directions.

Mario Party 8 stores graphics for text pop-ups as individual letters. The letters are displayed roughly in correct order in the files, but due to duplicate letters not being needed, the texture sheets appear to be misspelled versions of the actual messages. Examples below.

In Super Mario Bros., after beating a castle level, Mario always starts the next world by exiting from that castle, except in 5-1. This suggests the 5-1 seen in the finished game was not the original concept for the level, and was moved to that spot later. Details in image.

In Mario Kart 8/Deluxe, a melody can be heard faintly near the Aqua Cups ride on the Water Park track. This is actually the Merry-Go-Round music from Big Boo's Haunt in Super Mario 64. An isolated version of the music, extracted from the game, is provided after the footage.

Whenever Mario returns from a course in Super Mario 64, before he jumps or falls out of the painting, his model assumes this pose behind the painting during the first few frames of Peach's Castle being loaded. Mario is floating sideways with his limbs folded into his body.

Normally, whenever Mario dies in Super Mario Bros. 3, all moving objects freeze in place. However, Fire Piranha Plants are unique in that they are still partially active during this, continuing to turn their heads to look at Mario even during his death animation.

In Paper Mario: The Origami King, looking through a telescope at Overlook Tower shows a close-up of a Toad's face (left). The lens can't be moved in-game; however, the face is only part of a full unique Toad sprite that can be seen by extracting it from the game's files (right).

Yoshi's Island is unique among Mario games for having had three different subtitles as numbered parts of different series: "Super Mario Bros. 5" (left, prototype), "Super Mario World 2" (middle, US/European release), "Super Mario Advance 3" (right, remake).

In Super Mario World, normally a stomped Galoomba will recover and stand up after 8 seconds. However, if the Galoomba is taken through a pipe, its struggle animation will be much faster and it will never get up, no matter how much time passes.

All sprites of Soldier Mario from the 1983 "Mario's Bombs Away" Game & Watch in high quality, scanned from the Panorama Screen device and cleaned up.

In the Japanese version of Paper Mario: The Origami King, the Whispering Woods is called "デクの山" (Deku Mountain) and Ol' Grandsappy is called "デクじい" (Grandfather Deku). This is a reference to the similarly elderly and mustachioed Deku Tree from the Legend of Zelda series.

According to Donkey Kong 64 creative director George Andreas, Shigeru Miyamoto personally designed Donkey Kong's coconut gun (bottom right) after being shocked at the pre-release version's realistic gun design (top right).

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