Does decentralization mean people on other instances can sign up with the same @ username? Can I move @potentato to another instance?

@potentato (1) yes, but their username would be @username@instance (2) don't think so, but you could create it... then again maybe there are export/import settings?

@StephenReid that seems like potentially a problem to me, I can imagine impersonation being an issue. But I could just not "get it" yet?


@potentato Yeah, I mean... it'd be easy to maliciously impersonate someone, at least superficially. Of course that happens on Twitter (see: all the Trump parody accounts with just one letter different in handle).

@potentato It'd be practically impossible to get your username on every instance, basically.

@StephenReid well yeah, that's kinda the point though, I don't want to have to sign up on more than one instance, just to keep my digital *me* secure. Not that I'm worried about people impersonating my nobody ass, but still

@potentato Yep. It's an issue. A weird one to crack, too. Especially as no-one is really in 'charge'. :D

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