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Couldn't resist the temptation to add a sound effects track to these kitties... #dit #dah

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Looking for an #opensource alternative to #skype #zoom and other tools? Here are 7 options from

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Google's IPv6 traffic hasn't dropped below 25% of their total load since December 9, 2019, with a significant jump in the last weeks as everything shifts to home and mobile connections which are more likely to support IPv6.

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Anybody out there have real world experience with 900MHz wireless network gear? I only need to go 500 meters but I gotta punch through a bunch of trees and houses.

Apologies for this morning's link dump but there were many tabs on my mobile browser that I needed to get off. Perhaps someone will find some of these somewhat useful.


This is a very well-written explanation as to where we are here in the US.

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If you're a secops person out of work and interested in some Security Ops contract work, I may be able to help. DM me

100% remote work, full time

If not, please boost for visibility!

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Nothing to do?

You can help to create/improve an open map for everyone by contributing to @openstreetmap.

#OpenStreetMap (#OSM) is a map anyone can use and edit, even you!

Learn more on

Or help on the go (if you can still go out alone, walking in the sunshine won't hurt) with the #StreetComplete app:
It's also very helpful to go through notes left by (e.g.) StreetComplete users and solve them:

Oh, and how awesome would it be if I could wake up in the morning and have the news already delivered to me via radio? It was kind of, sort of a thing way back when...

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